Udon In Local Style Tom Yum Soup

I wonder if anyone of you tried the local style tom yum soup before! It's normally served at the tiny Malay restaurants (not mamak stall). It's a bit different from the Thai style which is super red hot in colour. Local style tom yum soup is very much like clear soup but with a touch of Thai tom yum flavour. Interesting...right? This soup is often cooked with seafood especially fish fillet, prawns & squid. Making it looks even more tempting huh ! What about making this special soup with the addition of homemade udon noodle?

Here's the recipe.
Ingredients :
1 Litre  water
20ml   lime juice
2 stalk  lemongrass
handful of kaffir leaf 
7-8  bird eye chilies, slightly smashed
1 tspn   vegetables granule
1 inches  ginger, smashed
1 tbsp  fish sauce
salt & pepper to taste

#one homemade udon noodles recipe
  some fishballs & sliced fish cake
  some bok choy or choy sum (green veggie)
OR any seafood as desired

Method :
(1) bring water to boil and then add in all ingredients, let soup simmer for about 10-15 mins.
(2) now, add in udon noodles, green vegetables, fishballs or meat as desired and continue simmer for another 5 mins.
(3) once ready serve warm with some fried garlic/onion oil.

Unexpectedly, the udon noodle looks slightly whiter after cooking for the second time. It was very satisfying after all. I love especially the soup. Spicy and aromatic ! Hope you guys will love it too. Enjoy!
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