Cempedak Butter Cake ~ The Healthy Way

Here's another famous local fruit I wanted to introduce to you today, cempedak ! The scientific name called as artocarpus integer where there's another fruit which looks quick the same called as artocarpus heterophyllus or 'Buah Nangka' in Malay. And most of us would called them as Jackfruit. They look quite alike but they actually taste so much different. Cempedak has such irresistible aroma which is more fragrant compare to Nangka. And cempedak fritter is widely sold all around the corner as one of the local street food. Recently, I received some cempedak from a friend nearby and wanting to try it on cakes. The idea is actually inspired by a local TV commercial called 'Ho Chak'. They went to interview the owner of this famous coffee shop in Ipoh selling this cempedak cake for many years already. (click here to see).And it has caught my attention immediately. If not forgetting, Cheah @ No Frills Recipe made this once.

Basically, the following butter cake recipe is adapted to Martha Stewart. Hopefully, she won't be fainted after she saw this version. hehehe..... And also baking the healthy way by using NuStevua sweetener.

Ingredients :
250gm   butter, room temperature
1-1/2 cup  sugar (substitute with 18 tspn NuStevia~Tagatose)
1/2 tspn  salt
4 eggs
3 cups  all purpose flour
1 TB  baking powder
1 cup  full cream milk
1 tspn  NuStevia Flavoured Vanilla
400gm  cempedak flesh, cut small

Method :
(1) combine flour & baking powder into a bowl and mix well, set aside.
(2) beat butter, sugar & salt till fluffy.
(3) then add in eggs one at a time and beat till well mixed.
(4) now, alternately stir flour & milk into butter mixture till everything well combined.
(5) finally, throw in all the cempedak flesh and mix well.
(6) divide batter into two portions and place to separate 3x3x9" tray, lined with parchment paper.
(7) bake at preheated oven 175'C for about 55mins to an hour or till tester came out clean.
(8) best to leave cool before slicing.

I sent out one loaf to my neighbour and they're totally fascinated by this special flavour. It's something new to them and to me too. Most probably, I will be making this for the coming Chinese New Year as a gift instead of cookies. :o)

Before ending this post.....here's the announcement for the NuNaturals products giveaway winners. Ta..Da....

CONGRATULATIONS to all the winners. Please kindly email your address to me ASAP. All the giveaway items will be distributed by NuNaturals.
(1) Sonia @ Nasilemaklover 
(2) Needful Thing
(3) Cathy @ Wives & Knives
(4) Mich @ Piece of Cake
(5) Kathy @ Small Kucing

Thank you so much for joining in, guys! There'll be more giveaways coming up soon. So, stay tune & don't give up.


  1. 我有做过类似的,非常好吃:)

  2. Won't be able to easily find that here, but the words butter and cake are enough to sell me!

  3. Hi Kristy! This looks delicious as I love chempedek! Will email you my address!

  4. This is a cake that i have bookmarked to make but dont know when, hehehe..Why you said this cake is healthy huh? Oh, I am the lucky! Thanks dear.

  5. Cempedak kek..mmm...good idea wor. but the cempedak here still very expensive :'(.

    am one of the lucky winners? Thank you very much, Kristy :).

  6. Congrats to all winners. I like cempedak and for sure this butter cake.

  7. To be honest I've never tried jackfruit in a dessert. This sounds delicious.
    And I won something? Wow! Today must be my lucky day! ;-)

  8. I love butter cake, I could totally go for a slice right now with my coffee! Thanks for sharing, I will definitely have to try :)

    Happy Valley Chow

  9. Oh I made this cempedak butter cake before! Very fragrant indeed...salivating when just thinking about it, lol! Yums! Congrats to the winners!

  10. This looks delicious! I love butter cake. I just bookmarked this. It'll be something I'll make some time soon. =)

  11. That plate in the second picture is chempedak flesh? Is that preserved? Sounds like a very delicious cake to try:)

  12. Ooooh...I want your cake, Kristy! I love cempedak. Bet it's very good in cakes. If I have the cempedak, I think there'll be none left for making the cake....hehe. Congrats to all the winners of NuNatural. Hope you have a great day, Kristy!

  13. I baked cempedak cake before. Very very nice :)

  14. I love this fruits, tasted once while holidaying in Malaysia the fritter version and it was so just awesome.

    Didn't realise it is expensive in SIngapore till I buy one and was shock at the price the vendor charged me. And guess what, my helper didn't put it in the fridge and it rotted!

  15. Hi Kristy - Your cake looks delicious. I have heard of jackfruit but never have had the opportunity to try it. I'm very happy to be a winner in your giveaway and thank you so very much.

  16. i'm not aware that the restaurant in ipoh is selling chempedak cakes, one day i must go and buy to try out!

  17. Chempedak is new to me. The cake has a beautiful fine crumb that I love.

  18. That looks fantastic, if only I could get the ingredients :-( Have a good week. Diane

  19. this looks amazing, and definitely gives me more ideas on how to use my stevia :)

  20. This sounds special for sure and I wish I had a slice of it now. Nothing beats a butter cake!

  21. Butter cake...yum!!! And healthy, I'm impressed!

  22. Oh my, your loaves look beautiful and delicious. I would have never guessed that it's the healthy version. So, that's a big bonus. :)

  23. Kristy, this look yummy. I would love to have a piece. My favorite lah, chempedak! Gong Xi Fa Cai to you and family. XOXO


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