Confinement Delight~Steamed Ginger Egg Custard With NuNaturals & A Giveaway

HeLLo HeLLo everyone! My first post on 2013 and again I wanted to start with a healthy way. Before end of 2012,  I was lucky enough to be invited to sample this healthy product from NuNaturals. I received the package just two days after Christmas. Its such a joy to be able to try something good and healthy during this special season. I am extremely excited about it cause I have heard of Stevia for a very long time and I even tried the natural leaves myself as well. I was totally amazed by the natural sweetness of Stevia. It's a perfect dietary supplement & it's gluten-free too. Here's the link to further info & beneficial details about natural stevia.

Since time is limited, I want to try something simple and quick and of coz, delicious at the same time by using NuStevia. Actually, my neighbour's daughter just gave birth to a baby girl not long ago which reminded me of the awesome steamed ginger egg custard which my aunt used to make during my cousin's confinement. Without wasting any longer, I quickly put everything together with one of the NuNaturals sweetener product. So here we go guys!

Ingredients :
2 eggs
100ml  full cream milk
70ml    water
1 TB  fresh ginger juice (from 2" knob ginger)
2 pkts   NuStevia sweetener powder

Method :
(1) beat together all ingredients till well mixed.
(2) pour mixture to two(2) ramekin or cups and steam at preheated steamer for about 10 mins over low heat or till center set.
(3) best to serve hot.

*some raw brown sugar for topping.

The custard turned out really smooth and creamy. And the sweetness just perfect. As for additional flavouring, I even top it with raw brown sugar as requested by my kids. It was so so so yummy & aromatic.

The package I received from NuNaturals included Pre-Sweet Tagatose, NuStevia Prebiotic Blend & No Cabs Blend, NuStevia White Stevia, Pure Liquid ~ Vanilla, Chocolate, Peppermint, Orange, Lemon & Alkohol Free Stevia, NuStevia Quick Dissolve Tablets and Pure Liquid~ Clear Stevia. Can't wait to try them all out soonThanks to NuNaturals for giving me the chance to sample such outrageous products.

And for a lovely surprise NuNaturals will be giving away four(4) sets of Pure Liquid ~Orange, Lemon, Peppermint & Chocolate to four(4) of my lucky readers from worldwide. Other than that if you're interested shopping over at NuNaturals site, My Little Space readers can receive a 15% discount on all order place at NuNaturals. Just enter the discount code : BLG0613 on the checkout page. The offer remains effective till 30th June 2013.

GOOD LUCK guys ! Hope this will be a great start to you on 2013. You may drop as many comments as possible and contest will be closed on the 20th January 2013. So....may the game begins.


  1. Delicious custard Kristy ...I used NuNaturals products they are excellent..specially those flavored stevia....I love orange and lemon the most.
    Happy and blessed New Year to you and all your loved ones!:)

  2. Hi Kristy, love that steamed egg! I also received the same package as you and am gonna try it out soon :)

  3. HI

    I love ginger custards... I've not tried NuNaturals nor Stevia... Would love to try = )

    A Very Happy and Blessed New Year to you.

    Thank you for the giveaway

    Christine T

  4. Hi Kirsty ,
    I love to try NuNaturals.

  5. Hi Kristy, I've moved my blog due to some technical issues, my new blog is at

  6. The Custard looks Yummy!

    How can I be your "lucky" reader?

  7. Fantastic!!! Love egg custards.

  8. you are a genius! Usually confinement we are not allowed to eat any custard buy by adding ginger and become good for those who are in confinement

  9. Hi Kristy! Happy New Year to you! Indeed it is always great to eat healthier! Thanks for introducing us to NuStevia...might just give it a try next time. :) Have a good day my friend!

  10. super tempting and inviting...

  11. I love NuNaturals! They have such great products. I think those flavors sound fantastic

  12. that looks amazing. I grow stevia in planters ion my deck, I'll have to check out that brand!

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    Kind regards

  14. Happy new year! This product is new to me. It is always good to have healthy stuff to try out.
    I used to make savory egg custard and not sweet one. Shall try one day.

  15. I love steamed egg! No need to wait for confinement to eat....hehe. I will eat any time! And yes, I love the NuStevia. It's simply best. I have amazingly cut down a lot on my sugar ever since I started using NuNatural products. Take care and hope you have a great start to the new year.

  16. The ginger custard looks yummy. It's one of my favourite dessert.

  17. I would love to receive few samples to try out. Thanks for sharing.

  18. The best desserts, yummy and healthy, the ones with the ginger for me and the ones without for the kids.

    Would love to try them with Nu Naturals from this giveaway.

  19. An awesome giveaway, Kristy. Would love vanilla!
    The custard must be very tasty!

  20. i've seen quite a few blogs posting on the setvia products recently too, looks like it's getting more and more popular:) nice idea for using this in your egg custard!

  21. Sounds so delicious. I wish someone had made this custard for me after I gave birth! ;-)

  22. Beautiful custard, Kristy. I have heard of Stevia but have never tried to use it in my own cooking. What a great way to eliminate unwanted calories. I would love the ginger flavor you added to your custards.

  23. that custard looks really good!

    I have not tried that stevia before. would love to! :)

  24. So, this is it ! The end of the contest. Good luck everyone!

    Announcement day is on the 22nd January.

    Best wishes, Kristy


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