Quickie Sushi Spring Roll

Hi Everyone ! Gosh...life has been keeping me extremely busy and just got my computer back from the shop. Thank goodness it's still in good shape and no need to change any part. Hopefully, I still manage to make out a few more posting before end of  January. Well, for the past couple of days....I was kind of free after sending out my computer to repair and started housekeeping. No fun at all..... a lot of cleaning, brushing, mopping to do. And food will definitely keep us motivate under this kind of situation. You know what I mean ! hahaha......... For a quick snack, I've made this healthy spring roll to enjoy.

Here's what we need for this quickie delicious rolls.

Ingredients :
4 large Nori sheets
4 large Spring roll sheets (mine is small ones)
1 carrot, julienned
1 small jicama, julienned
1 cup  plain cornflake, roughly crashed
some mayonnaise

Method :
Firstly, line spring roll sheet over Nori sheet then place in carrot, jicama and cornflake. And squeeze on mayo. Finally, roll it up like a swiss roll and divide into four portions. Serve it immediately.

Absolutely....YUM..... YUmmm...... YUmmmmm. Felt like eating some kind of salad where you have natural vegetable sweetness and a little of saltiness & crunchiness in between and absolutely adore the seaweed flavour. Think you would love it too.

And not forgetting the NuNaturals giveaway. Announcement to be made on the 22nd of January.


  1. 你很rajin涅

  2. Corn flakes? That's kinda beilliant!

  3. Wow, I'm totally in awe! Your sushi wrap is totally different! Cornflakes and spring roll wrap is like cruch and springy, I'm really wondering how wonderful all these texture is "dancing" in your mouth, heehee! Anyway, glad u are back with your computer up and running...have a great week ahead Kristy!

  4. So different and so healthy too! Nice!!

  5. I love quickie meals and i love sushi spring rolls...so naturally I love this recipe. Thanks for sharing, I will definitely have to try!

    Happy Valley Chow

  6. Brilliant way of serving 'salad' in rolls ^^

  7. I love sushi, but rolling seems just too complicated :D

  8. yummmmm :)))...very tempting *drool*...

  9. Lovely sushi rolls! Have a good week, Kristy! xoxo

  10. This looks delicious, I would love to have a sushi spring roll!

  11. Wonderful! This is good recipe and rolls looks nice.

  12. love your idea of using spring roll sheets. Hope you are keeping well:)

  13. Was it frozen Spring rolls sheets that you used? Did you hv to warm them up or heat them up before using?

  14. Hi Tigergish, so sorry for the late reply...missed out your line. :o( Btw, I used the frozen spring roll wrap. Just let it defrost to room temperature. It turns out just nice. I've yet tried using a microwave oven on it or you may try. Would love to find out how it works as well. TQ!
    Hope this will help.
    Have a blessed day.


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