A Bitter Sweet Valentine's Day

You know what? Since my boss is always delaying her post and too busy to write something and even hardly post anything these days. Guess, I have to take over the computer today. E~hemmmm... here, this is ME ! WHERE ? Here...right here in the picture ! Can you imagine when life without ME ? It's a total disaster, of coz.....especially during this special...... Valentine's Day ! SOoooo....love is in the air again huh. It means you need two persons get together and fell in love. Sounds just like ME ! LOOK....I too need two to make it one and my heart filled with sweet & sour and even bitter sweet in some way. Doesn't it sounded just like what a life supposed to be? But I think I have more than what you looking for. Now, are you drooling just by looking at ME......half naked here huh ! Weee...wee....

"HEY hey HEY....You !" "What are you doing?""Excuse me, are you trying to take over my computer here?" OK Ok enough of those nonsense. You better behave ! Phewwwww..... I would like to apologize for the delay guys but glad I still make it today.

Ingredients for Meringue Crust :
5 egg white ( roughly 150-165gm)
170gm  white sugar (add in 1/8 tspn cream of tartar)
130gm   icing sugar
1 TB  dark cocoa powder
1 TB  semi sweet cocoa powder

*1 cup  whipping cream (non-daily), whipped
   1 cup  blueberry sauce

Ingredients for chocolate sauce :
3 TB  heavy cream
60gm  chocolate, sliced
(warm the cream without boiling it, remove from heat then add in sliced chocolate and stir till everything melted, pour mixture into pipping bag & set aside to cool)

Method :
(1) bring a pot of water to boil then remove from heat.
(2) place egg white to a steel pot and let pot sitting above the hot water without touching the hot water, the egg white may get cooked if too hot. This method is to help to stabilize the egg white.
*There are actually two ways of making the meringue. Italian meringue & French meringue.
(3) beat egg white till foamy then add in white sugar bit by bit each time and continue beating till the texture turns glossy and ribbon like.

(4) now, remove beaten egg white from hot pot and continue whisking by adding in icing sugar. The meringue will look stiff and nice by then.

(5) only then simply fold in both cocoa powder and hand fold the mixture till everything well combined.
*Do not mix cocoa powder by using a beater.
(6) fill batter into pipping bag and then pipe it onto 3 different baking tray lined with parchment paper.
*Always spread on some butter below the parchment paper when baking meringue, it helps to release the meringue easily without cracking the crust.

*I spread my meringue into 6 pieces by the size of 4x8" each. It turned out just great.
(7) finally bake at preheated oven 120'C for about 90 mins, extend the time if the size is bigger. Make sure the crust is hard enough and the whole thing is cooked before removing it from oven.

(8) cooled for 10 mins before removing the meringue from parchment paper. Handle with care please ! :o)

Use one slice of meringue as a base then spread on whipped cream, follow by chocolate sauce then add on some blueberry sauce, finally cover with another slice of meringue. Simply decorate the top layer with some whipped cream and chocolate sauce and I have added on some of my special homemade Royce' chocolate.

Anyway, wishing all a very Happy Belated Valentine's Day ! I'm sure you all had a fantastic night out. And hope you're going to have a great weekend at the same. Blessings..... with ((hugs)) & kisses.
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