Deep Fried Otak-otak Wanton & The Giveaway Result

I made two big dish of otak-otak the other day and keep them refrigerated soon after it has cooled. Then used some of it to make fried wanton the following day. Its actually my first attempt trying it on this way. I mean fried wanton !  I have to say it was really delicious. Crispy the outside with a touch of spicy seafood inside. Can you imagine how addictive it was ? Yummmm......

This is a really simple recipe I'm showing you today. Just get a packet of store bought wanton skin, some homemade otak-otak and a bowl of water. Wrap otak-otak with wanton skin then brush each a little bit of water at the edge of the skin to help in sealing or you can use egg white for this as well. Once its done, deep fry all the wrapped wanton till golden brown & serve.

And lastly, here's the four WINNERS of NuNaturals giveaway. Congratulations to the winners !

The winners are Rebecca @ Chow & Chatter, Divya @ Divya's Recipe, CC @ Dumpling love & Irene Wong. Please kindly send in your contact address as soon as possible, so that NuNaturals can proceed the arrangement to you soon. And thank you so much to all my readers for joining in the giveaway contest. Hopefully, there'll be more coming in soon.

BEST WISHES & BLESSINGS from My Little Space. 
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