No Bake Yogurt Cheese Cake With Nectarine Compote

This is a quickie cheesecake I made for hubby's birthday this year. No time to bake ! Hubby can't blame me cause I have all the excuses.... haha.... However, I'm really glad I made this cause its been so hot over here for the past couple of months. If not mistaken it haven't been raining for almost two months already.... the last time I saw it was during the monsoon season. LOL. And this is the main reason I decided to made this no bake cheese cake.

And here's what I did.
Ingredients for cookie base :
100gm  digestive biscuit
1 cup    homemade granola
120gm   butter, melted

Method : Grind granola & biscuit till crumb like texture. Now, combine everything and mix well then spread mixture to a 8" spring foam tray lined with aluminium foil on bottom. Keep chilled till set for about half an hour in the freezer.

You can use the store bought granola as well but it won't taste as crispy.

Ingredients for homemade granola :
1 cup rolled oats
1/4 cup  roasted coconut
1/4 cup  almond sliced
5  dried dates, chopped (optional)
a pinch of salt
2 TB  honey
1 TB  butter

Method :  combine all ingredients and mix to combine, then bake at preheated oven 175'C for about 15 mins. Flip granola around to get even golden brown crisp. Leave to cool before used.

Ingredients for yogurt cheese cake filling :
500gm    cream cheese, softened
2 cups    homemade yogurt
3/4 cup   icing sugar/powder sugar
5 drops   NuNaturals lemon flavoured liquid 
2  large lime juice & rinds
1 TB  gelatine, soaked with 3 TB water

Method :
(1) melt soaked gelatine over double boiler method then off the heat & set aside.
(2) beat cream cheese & icing sugar till creamy smooth.
(3) add in yogurt, Nunaturals liquid, lime juice & rinds and beat till well combined.
(4) stir in melted gelatine and mix well.
(5) finally, pour cream cheese batter to the biscuit base tray and keep refrigerated overnight.

Ingredients for homemade nectarine compote :
2 large  nectarine, cut small
3 TB  sugar
1 lemon juice & zest

Method :  combine everything and cook till thick, then keep refrigerated before used.

Ingredients for decoration :
2 large kiwi fruit, skinned & cut small
1 TB  syrup
1 cup   homemade nectarine compote
200gm  dark chocolate, chopped

(1) melt chocolate over a double boiler method then spread melted chocolate to a hard plastic sheet and leave to cool completely or keep refrigerated to set.
(2) add syrup to kiwi fruit and mix well.
(3) now, breaks cooled chocolate into nice big pieces and decorate it over the cake.
(4) top the cake with kiwi fruit & nectarine compote and chilled before serving.

This cake is done just 10 mins before serving. haha..... How daring am I !!!

Everyone knows "nothing better than homemade" ! It worth every bit. The fruity tutti flavour just beautiful and its really chilling & refreshing which is perfect for this kind of weather.

And don't forget about the giveaway ! Seven more days to go. So, good luck guys !
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