Coconut Flavoured Pai Bao # International Yeasted Recipe

Before going further, I would like to THANK everyone for joining the 'International Yeasted Recipe' event and make it happened successfully. I am more than thankful & honoured to have you all sharing the wonderful Asian & Western yeasted recipes with my readers from all over the world. And I am sure my readers are very much looking forward to more of your creation in future. Hope you guys will have fun ! And here's my April submission.

I have heard of 'Pai Bao' so often but haven't really try making it at home. 'Pai bao' is the kind of sweet bun arranged & baked in long shaped rows, and it tastes eggy soft. According to some blogger, 'pai bao' is one of the famous sweet bun in Hong Kong. Since I have not tasted one before, I have no idea what was the original taste of it at all. However, I've checked out some of the recipes over at the Chinese blogger site and finally came out with this NOT SO origin recipe. haha.....

Since I have yet baked anything with coconut on breads so far. So, I'm going to try something Asian this round. Hope you guys will love it too ! Here we go.....

Ingredients :
Sponge dough/Starter dough
150gm   bread flour
1/4 tspn   yeast
150ml   coconut milk
(100ml  thick coconut milk mix with 50ml water)

Method :
Mix all ingredients to form a soft dough then set aside to rest for an hour. Once its ready, wrap dough with plastic sheet then keep refrigerated for overnight or not less than 12 hours before used.

Main Dough
350gm  bread flour/high protein flour
1 pkt   coconut powder
3 TB  sugar
2 tspn yeast
1 egg, do not beat
100ml  coconut milk
80gm  butter, chopped
1 tspn  salt
all sponge dough, break into pieces

*1-/2 cups  raisins for filling

Method :
(1) combine all ingredients into a big mixing bowl, mix to form a soft dough then set aside to rest for 2 hours or till double in size.
(2) when its ready, punch dough to release air and knead to smooth dough.
(3) place dough to a slightly floured working table and divide dough into 12 portions, let to rest for 10 mins before shaping.

(4) now, flatten dough into oblong shape and spread on some raisins, roll dough by the longer side to form a long bread roll.
(5) leave rolled dough to rest on greased baking tray for 30-45 mins or till double in size.
(6) finally, brush on egg glazing and bake at preheated oven 185'-190'C for about 20 mins or till golden brown.

The bread is so soft & fluffy and the smell of coconut simply addictive.

I love raisins on bread and this is just remarkable. It would be so nice to have the bread with meat jerky. Definitely, its not the dog food. haha.....Its the Chinese meat jerky where its widely sold during the Chinese New Year. Enjoy guys !

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