Purple Sweet Potato Hakka Steamed Bun @ Hee Ban

Everyone knows that Kristy is crazy with anything yeasted and these hakka steamed bun or kuih is too another favourite of mine. It tastes super delicious especially when it just came out of the steamer. My mother in law also love it a lot and thats why I made them pretty often. And the good thing is I managed to try them with sweet potato this time. Oh boy, I simply adored the colour so much. What do you think ?

I made this steamed kuih with mashed pumpkin before and its totally different from sweet potato. Cause some sweet potato came out dry and crumby after steamed especially the purple ones, you need extra water on it unlike pumpkin. Please refer the pumpkin steamed kuih recipe here. However, you can try to reduce the amount of water depending on how moist is the mashed sweet potato that you have.

Ingredients :
100gm  glutinous rice flour
150gm  all purpose flour
1 tspn  yeast
90gm  sugar
100gm  mashed purple sweet potato
150ml   warm water
50ml  cooking oil
* extra cooking oil for hand coating
*1 big banana leaf, run through hot water to soften the leaf then cut small

Method :
(1) combine everything into a big mixing bowl and knead till smooth
(2) once its done, divide dough into 50-55gm each and round it (coat your hand with cooking oil), then let it sit on banana leaf by flattened the dough between 2 leaves.
(3) next, let dough rest for an hour.
(5) finally, steamed dough for 10 minutes over high heat.

The shaped dough will soon rise beautifully. Remember, do let the dough sit a while longer during rainy days due to lower room temperature.

Oh boy, see how lovely the colour is and the bun is really really soft ! This is the second one I took. These babies are simply irresistible. Honestly, I can't resist to try more flavour on this kuih. Guess, there'll be more hee ban coming up soon. Yummm.....

I'm sending this to International Yeasted Recipe # April & Foodie Friday.
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