Spring Season At Kahang, Reserved Forest

Well...since the drought season is over, hubby & I don't want to miss anything. So, we decided to visit Sungai Madek at Kahang again. I personally really looking forward to some surprises. And guess what ? We have visitor !!!! Want to know what's in the photo ??? Any clue what is it ??? It's the elephant dug. lol. Still fresh....guess the elephant passed by this area in the morning on the same day we arrived and the foot print is all over the place. Darn.... wish we arrived earlier.

This photo was taken on the following morning. Check out the difference between the last one I took on my first visit, click here. Did you notice the direction of the morning sun ? Yeah.... it shifting from one side to the other side. And of course, that's my 5 star hotel room on the right. HA !

Hubby accidentally caught this softshell turtle (labi-labi). However, we set it free.

This is actually my fruitful visit cause its the spring season in forest. The wild fruits & flowers blossoming like you've never seen anything like it out there. And these are some of the stuffs I found around my camp-site. The upper picture is some fruiting flowers, not knowing the name. Sorry !

There's actually two kinds of fruits here. One is the orange colour and the other is the light brown colour. The upper red fruiting flower is belong to the orange colour fruit (not knowing the name as well !)

And this is how the orange colour fruit looks like! I don't think its edible cause there's still so much more fruits hanging around the tree.

The tree next to the red colour fruit is this light brown colour fruit. Looks more like duku or langsat and its edible! The monkeys love it. There are a bunch of chimpanzee wandering around this area almost everyday.

And so is this palawan hornbill ! I'm having a hard time taking this photo cause the bird is more than 50 feet high up at the tree. There's about 4-5 of them travelling around this area everyday. I've once seen the rhinoceros hornbill around here as well.

What about this forest sakura (cherry blossom)! hehe.... According to the local orang asli, these are poisonous.

And these little flowers look awesome as well. The fishes love it. Yes, the fishes love it other than the engkabang flowers. The engkabang flower is empurau's favourite. Click here for more info.

And these flowers look absolutely awesome. Not knowing the name as well.

Can you imagine how colourful is the forest right at this moment !

And these are the flowers from the above picture. There's actually so many more but I only managed to show some of them here.

Am I in Japan ????? Are those sakura flowers (cherry blossom)??? Looks so so pretty. This picture was actually taken when I'm on my way back from Kahang to Kluang, So many cars stopped by to take pictures cause this only happen once a year, just like sakura flowers.  Enjoy guys !
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