Vacation At Sg Madek, Kahang (Reserved Forest) Part 2

Such beautiful morning view from our camp site. I simply enjoy sitting in the middle of this route to watch whatever crossing this area. I actually saw some wild boar, civet (musang), gigantic palawan hornbill flying over my camp site and some amazing animal foot prints. *wink*

For breakfast, I made some tuna sandwiches & some simple Chinese style pancake (with eggs) for everyone. The pancake is really delicious. Everyone is asking for more but I have no time to prepare an extra batch cause I'm off to go fishing with hubby at the other site of the river. Need a short walk deep into the forest. Oh well, anything can know ! So, hubby & I are both well prepared and off we go.

Now, this is the fishing spot where hubby love the most. We are well prepared especially leeches. Hubby helps to rub both of my legs with 999 soap which works very well to prevent leeches from climbing up to our legs. We went in here once in the morning and also once at night time....just the two of us. >o< And by surprise that night..... we have a bunch of visitors opposite our fishing spot. About 5-6 beavers appeared looking for food around the river here. They making loads of noise (very very noisy like market place) and suddenly stopped there once they saw us sitting infront of them. hahaha...... Then they quickly swam into the river and disappeared. I am having so much fun watching their reaction. LOL.

SEE....hubby bought me this shoes. Its cheap, comfortable & heavy duty.

This is one of the fallen tree nearby and this is the head.

And this is the other site of the tree. We actually heard some weird noises coming from behind there that morning. I climbed up to this tree and walk all the way up to see what's behind us. But couldn't see anything. Hubby said most probably is wild boar digging for worms.

 I  found an interesting durian in the middle of the forest. The smallest durian in town.

Here's hubby best catch of the day. He caught a 1.3kg of sebarau (Hempala) that morning.

And this is my best catch of the day. A wild cat foot print. Not sure what species....but it's good enough to make my day.

Petai (stink beans) is in season again and many of  the local orang asli went in to pick up petai these few weeks. The petai tree is extremely tall and it's suddenly not an easy task at all. They are risking their lives to get these wild beans. He said there's one of their member fell from the tree two months ago and found dead on the spot. :o(

So, that's all for today. Hope you guys will enjoy reading my post. >o<


  1. Kristy, glad that you had a wonderful vacation with your family. Beautiful nature clicks. I want some pancakes too.

  2. Beautiful scenery, Kristy and it sounds like you had a good time. Leeches don't sound so great though. :-)

  3. Must be excited to have caught such a huge fish (to me it is huge!), no wonder a big cat was attracted to your site too.
    Aren't you going to have delicious durian pancakes soon : )?

  4. Hi Kristy, thanks for the tour. Wonderful place for camping and the scenery is beautiful.

    Best regards.

  5. Bella reserva forestal me encanta la naturaleza gracias por compartir,hugs,hugs.

  6. Hi Kristy, Your camping trip looks fun, :) love the photos :) have a nice day

  7. Hi Kristy, Looks & sounds like a wonderful vacation! Thanks for sharing all the the beautiful photos!


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