Monday, September 29, 2014

Mushroom Floss Savoury Buns

How often do you take this kind of buns ? I think I have only take them once while I was working in Singapore more than 26 years ago. hehe.... Yes, its been a long long time. At the beginning, I thought it was a cake cause it looks like a savoury Swiss roll to me. I was totally amazed after my first bite then. Well, I personally like the bun very much but not so crazy about it.due to the meat floss but without the meat floss, it looks weird though or incomplete. haha.... I have to thank this mushroom floss. Now, I'll be able to enjoy more great food with them. So, here's what I did to the buns.

Ingredients for bread dough :
4 cups  all purpose flour
2 tspn  yeast
2 TB   sugar
1 tspn   salt
300ml   water
2 TB cooking oil / corn oil

Other Ingredients :
300gm  mushroom floss
handful of chopped spring onion
1-1/2 cup  mayonnaise (plain or flavoured)

Method :
(1) combine all ingredients to form a soft dough then set aside to rest for an hour or till double in size.
(2) once its ready, punch dough to release extra air then place it to a slightly floured working table and knead till smooth.

(3) divide dough into two portions then flatten each with rolling pin for about 9x13".
(4) place it to greased 9x13" tray, again roll it to fit the tray then leave to rest for 20 minutes or till dough puff up.
(5) when ready, try to porch the flattened dough with a fork to release airy bags.
(6) now, brush dough with egg glazing then top with sesame seeds & onion. Finally, bake at preheated oven 180'C for about 12-15 minutes or till slightly brown (watch gradually to prevent hard crusted bread). Preferable softer bread which easier for rolling and also to prevent crack surface.
(7) once its done, leave bread to cool for 10 minutes before transferring to working table.
(8) cut 2 sides of the bread into 45 degree and the other two into 90 degree, and make another 2 cuts on the bottom of the bread. Then quickly roll bread from the 45 degree edge into Swiss roll and wrap it with a parchment paper and leave aside till completely cooled.

(9) when ready, spread mayonnaise onto the bottom bread then top with mushroom floss. Again, roll bread into Swiss roll.

(10) now, cut bread into preferable size then spread some mayonnaise onto both side of the bread, coat mayonnaise surface with mushroom floss. Then serve.

 Well, what do you think ?
It looks sooooo tempting  and the bun texture is really soft which is perfect for this recipe. Hope everyone will have a fabulous week ahead.
I'm sending this to Wild Yeast Blog @ Yeastspotting.

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Nyonya Kuih Bongkong @ Kuih Jongkong

Never had I thought of making more kuih this days after my girl admitted to Uni. Supposed I have a little bit more time for myself, yet still struggling in between. I remember I often enjoy this kind of kuih during my childhood days but never know what its called ! haha..... Boy,  miss them so much ! There's actually not much recipes available for this kuih bongkong on the website, I found one recipe 2 to 3 years ago as written under kuih jongkong but recipe isn't detail enough. I was confused then, not knowing which is the right one. So, finally found it at Debbie Teoh's kitchen, the famous nyonya cuisine chef of Malaysia. Now I am  100% confirm that this kuih is called as nyonya kuih bongkong, as well as kuih jongkong. Cause 'jongkong' is meaning ingot in English, just like the process how this kuih was done & shaped. What a name !

This is a very easy to prepare recipe. I'm sure anyone can make this at home at anytime. All you need is to wipe up the ingredients then leave cooled and wrap & steam.

Ingredients :
80gm   rice flour
20gm   tapioca flour
10gm   green pea flour
2 cup   coconut milk (1 cup thick coconut milk + 1 cup water)
1 TB    sugar
1 tspn  salt
2 pandanus leaves, washed

*100gm   gula melaka / jaggery sugar, chopped
* 10 pcs  banana leaves by the size 8x12"

Method :
(1) combine rice flour, tapioca flour, green pea flour, coconut milk, sugar & salt, then mix well.
(2) add in pandanus leaves then cook over medium heat till almost thicken, switch to low heat continue stirring till you get the consistency you want. Then off the heat.

(3) the mixture will became a bit lumpy at the beginning, keep on stirring till became smooth paste. Set aside to cool.
(4) now, bring a pot of water to boil and soften banana leaves over hot water. Then wipe dry.
(5) spread a big spoon of coconut paste to banana leaf then place in some chopped gula melaka, cover the top with one more spoon of coconut paste then wrap & sealed nicely.
(6) steam at preheated steamer for 15 minutes. Best to serve after cooled.

This is how the kuih was wrapped.

Ooooo..... now, this is it ! My very first batch of kuih bongkong. It was so delicious. Have to make another batch soon for my girl. She's coming back for a short break soon. Hope you guys will love it too. Enjoy !

Monday, September 22, 2014

Taiwan Sticky Rice Roll

Hubby's friend throw a mid-autumn festival party at the very last minute on the last celebration. He asked each of us who attend the party to come up with a dish. And I only have one day time to plan and to get it prepare the following day. Honestly, time is very very limited cause I'm also helping another friend to prepare a Hainanese chicken (blanched white chicken) on the same day. However, its my lucky day I guess ! I bump into this Taiwan sticky rice roll recipe just a day before the party, at My Kitchen Snippet. Have to thank Gertrude for sharing it. Since I have some Siam glutinous rice which I bought from Kota Bahru, I knew I got to bring this to the party for sure. Sticky rice is considered one famous street food over in Taiwan, China & Hong Kong. There are all kinds of filling available, savory or sweet. You just name it ! I think I prefer  vegetarian.

This mushroom floss has been in my fridge for quite some time already and I think its perfect for this vegetarian rice roll. You may consider by using this mushroom floss on your food in future, which is much healthier than meat floss !

I used store bought Chinese crullers and then stuff with toasted chopped sweet preserved radish & mushroom floss. You can either used half or whole 'you tiao', of course, the more the merrier. >o<

Ingredients for glutinous rice :
3 cups  glutinous rice, soaked for 2 hours
2-1/2 cup  water
1 tspn  salt
1 TB  sugar

Method :
Dissolved salt & sugar into water then combine mixture into rice, let to steam for 20 minutes over high heat. Once its done, loosen the rice and divide into 6 portions, set aside to cool for 5 minutes.

Ingredients for rice roll :
6 chinese crullers
1 cup  mushroom floss
1/2 cup  preserved chopped radish, toasted
some cilantro
6 pcs  plastic wrap

Line plastic sheet on a bamboo roller (like making sushi), spread one portion of rice onto plastic sheet then place in stuffed Chinese cruller & cilantro. Roll it up like a Swiss roll then tightened or lock both side of plastic by twisting it. Make sure the rice won't fell apart or loosen easily. Finally, leave to cool completely before slicing it.

And TA...DA..... here's the scrumptious homemade rice roll. Looks more like sushi to me. Even the kids at the party asking me the same thing. haha..... I bought back some leftover and preheated it on the frying pan over low heat the next day. It was even tastier. This rice roll is a perfect healthy party snack for anyone. Hope you guys will love it too. Enjoy !

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