Monday, April 24, 2017

Beggar Chicken 乞丐鸡

I think anyone from Asian should have heard of this delicious dish called beggar chicken. One of the legendary dish originated from Jiangsu, during Qing Dynasty. Click here to read more of the legendary story. However, there are actually quite a number of versions for this particular dish these days. For my personal opinion, since this is a dish made by a beggar, then it should be something simple without any complicated ingredients. Please read on to find out more.

And here's what I have decided to put into the chicken. My special spice mixed ingredients included 1 tspn  five spice powder, 1 tspn  dang gui powder, 1 tspn  fine salt, 1/2 tspn  pepper & 1 tspn  vegetarian granule.

Ingredients :
1  free range chicken (kampung chicken)
The abovementioned spice mixed per bird
4 slices  dang gui / angelica root
4 TB   brandy or Chinese rice wine
1  pce   Lotus leaf
a double layer greaseproof paper
1-1/2 cup   coarse salt
800gm   all purpose flour
500ml    water

**I used 1 kg flour mixed with 600ml water (but too thick for small bird). So, I suggested the above given measurement.

Method :
(1) soak lotus leaf for about 2 hours or till totally softened then washed & pat dry. On the other hand, soak dang gui slices into brandy or rice wine.
(2)  marinade chicken with the ready mixed spice then set aside to rest for an hour at room temperature.

(3)  at time being, stir water into flour till soft dough is formed and knead till smooth.
(4)   when ready, wrap chicken with lotus leaf then follow by the second wrap, with greaseproof paper. (as picture shown below) Of course, don't forget to add in the Chinese wine mixture into the chicken core.

(5)   now, its time to roll dough to thin sheet for wrapping up the chicken,

(6)  after flatten dough into thin sheet, place coarse salt onto center.

(7)  place in the nicely wrapped chicken and fold in dough to seal the chicken.
(8)  finally, bake at preheated oven 200'C for an hour and 180'C for another hour, but mine I baked at 220'C for the first 60 minutes then 200'C for the following 60 minutes.

 And finally, here's the homemade beggar chicken from kristygourmet kitchen ! Super exciting.

As I mentioned the dough is too thick, so it doesn't cracked as it was told. haha..... Ok Ok... its my fault ! Don't blame anyone ! Anyway, I cut it open and the whole thing smells soooo good.

Can you imagine this is now on your dinning table !!!! haha.....

The chicken is so aromatic, juicy, moist & really really tender that the meat is almost slips off the bones.Yup, it is all true !  Its all worth it. I definitely will go for another attempt soon. Hope you guys will love it too !

Friday, April 21, 2017

Taiwanese Coffee Pillow Cake 台湾咖啡口味枕頭蛋糕

As promised, I finally tried the other method for this Taiwanese sponge cake or you may called it as Taiwanese pillow cake..... meaning the cake as soft as feather like pillow. The only difference between this cake and the earlier one is by baking it with the paper board on the side, which is quite similar to castella cake.  Yeap, it sounds like not much difference but the out come is superb. I'll have to admit THAT !!!  The texture is extremely fluffy and not too dry. It's something like the souffle cake. Isn't it interesting ! Please read on for more.

I'm sure most of you guys already came across this kind of baking ! It has been pretty HOT over at facebook recently.

Ingredients :
8  egg yolk
125gm   all purpose flour
1 tspn    baking powder
90gm     corn oil
110gm   full cream milk
2 TB   instant coffee powder
2 tspn    coffee emulsion

8  egg white
110gm   castor sugar
1 tspn   salt
1/8 tspn   cream of tartar

(This above picture is actually from my previous cake, Taiwan Danshui Sponge Cake)

Method :
(1)  sift together flour & baking powder and mix well.
(2)  now, heat milk, oil and coffee powder for about 2 minutes or till mixture became about to hot, not boiling.
(3)  stir flour mixture into warm milk mixture till everything well blended ( as picture shown above), then add in egg yolk in few batches and continue beating till well cooperated. Set aside.
(4)  next, in another mixing bowl beat egg white till foamy by adding in sugar & cream of tartar gradually, continue whisking till egg white became soft peak (meringue like).
(5)  now, fold the meringue into the yolk batter in 3 batches and mix till everything well cooperated.
(6)  transfer batter into a 8" lined with parchment paper (as picture shown earlier with fitted paper board on the sides ). Level batter by holding pan 2" above counter, dropping it flat on the counter. Repeat this several times to release air bubbles.

(8)  finally, bake at preheated oven 170'C for first 20 minutes on lower rack (for 42L oven size), then 150'C for 60 minutes. Please adjust your oven temperature according to your oven cause some used only 140'C for other half baking.

(9)  once its done, ajar oven door for 5 minutes before bringing out the cake, invert and remove parchment paper. Slice the cake only when its cooled.

FINALLY, I found the bouncing kind of texture Taiwanese sponge cake. This is really really cool !  The cake can even dance when you shake them.

This is exactly the kind of cake that will melt in your mouth immediately. Hope you guys will love it too. Enjoy & have fun !

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Cereal Butter Prawns 香喷喷麦片虾

Honestly, after enjoying this cereal butter prawns for many years, yet I have no idea where is the recipe originated from. This is a very simple recipe as you can easily prepare at home. As my girl came home for her Uni break one week ago, I prepared this cereal butter prawns for our dinner. It is definitely a winner.  It is also best to bottom off all your leftover cereal in one time. What not to love about !  >o<   Kindly read on for more.

I personally prefer to fry my prawns in a clean way without add in any kind of flour coating. This will give the prawns really nice whitish colour shade on the shell.
Tips : it is to fry them with just a little bit of oil which is more or less to half fry and half toast them over medium heat.

Ingredients :
400gm   tiger prawns (about 6 big size prawns)
4   garlic cloves, finely chopped
20 spring    curry leaves
1  bird eye chili, smashed
4 TB    salted butter
1-1/2 TB    sugar
1/2 tspn  salt (or to taste)
1-1/2 cup    cereal mixed with 2 tspn   milk powder
* 1 TB  salted butter

Method :
(1)  clean prawns and cut the back of prawn to remove vein. Skip this if you're using small prawns,  then drain and pat dry with paper towel.
(2)  preheat wok with 1/2 cup cooking oil, once the oil is hot enough, fry prawns in few batches till just cooked. Set aside to drain.

(3) remove cooking oil from wok, then melt butter over low heat.
(4) once butter melted, stir in garlic and let to cook till lightly brown,
(5) now, add in chili & curry leaves and saute for 30 seconds.

(6) finally, stir in cereal mixture and the remaining seasoning and mix well. Off the heat, transfer to bowl.

(7)  preheat wok with 1 TB butter over low heat, add in fried prawns and mix till prawns coated with melted butter, then off the heat.
(8)  add in cooked cereal and mix well, then serve.

Hubby & I left all the prawns to the kids. They're loving it to bits. So, each of them polished off three big prawns. I am so happy to watch them eating with their fingers licking good. haha..... So, enjoy your week ahead everyone !
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