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Homemade Yee Sang Crackers 自制劳生薄脆

  This last time I made my yee sang crackers was by using wanton skin. It was OK but still not good enough cause the texture is crispy instead of crunchy.  It doesn't give me the umphhhhh feeling. Hahaha....... So, I am trying to make the tradition yee sang cracker this year. I have decided to make the vegetarian version which is eggless. Gosh I am so glad I made it. The texture is superb.  Please read on for more. Ingredients : 150gm  all purpose flour 1/8 tspn  baking soda pinch of salt 1 piece  red fermented beancurd 15gm  cooking oil 70ml  water   Method : (1) combine flour, baking soda & salt into a big bowl, mix well then add in fermented beancurd and cooking oil and stir with hand till cooperated or turns into crumb like texture. (2) next, add in water and stir till soft dough is formed. Then set aside to rest for 4 hours. (3)  when dough is ready, dust working table with flour and flatten dough with rolling pin till as thin as possible.   (4)  now, cut dough sheet into

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