Sunday, November 29, 2015

Khmer Krom @ Cambodian Grilled Chicken

This is the very first time I am trying the Cambodian cuisine. I actually came across this dish from Adam Liew's fb, the 2009 Australia Masterchef winner. I am so proud of this Malaysian guy. I have to admit that this is such an awesome dish, filled with all kinds of wonderful natural ingredients. And with the additional of lime juice, the flavouring became truly exotic.

I have to upload this favourite picture of mine, which taken two weeks back when driving home after a camping trip.Our mother nature is simply magnificent ! Isn't she ?

And here's what I did.
Ingredients :
5 pieces  chicken thigh, deboned
1 TB  fish sauce
2 lime, juiced
3 TB  brown sugar
1 tspn  salt
1 TB  crushed black pepper

Blended paste :
2 stalk lemongrass, sliced only the bottom
3 shallots, skinned
4 cloves garlic, skinned
5 slices  ginger
8 bird eye chilies
1/2 TB  turmeric powder
(put everything together and blend became smooth paste)

Method :
(1) mix all ingredients together except black pepper to marinade chicken, keep refrigerated overnight.
(2) place everything to a baking tray lined grease proof paper, sprinkle on the black pepper then bake at preheated oven 175'C for about 45 minutes or till nicely brown.

I normally prepare this kind of special dish when my boy is home. And he loves it so much. Hubby didn't complaint a single word. So, I guess its good ! LOL Hope you will love it too.

Monday, November 23, 2015

Mulberry Cream Cheese Coffee Cake

A couple of days back, I went to a friend's place to harvest some mulberries. I had so much fun ! She planted a few mulberry trees and it more than what she needed, so she allowed me to drop by at anytime whenever I need them. Looks like... I'm the VIP now ! haha..... Here's what I did with the rest of the mulberries.

Ingredients :
2 cups  all purpose flour
2/3 cup  sugar
1/2 tspn  baking powder
1/2 tspn  baking soda
a pinch of salt
230gm  cold butter, chopped

3/4 cup  heavy cream
1 egg
1 TB  lime juice & zest
1 tspn  vanilla essence

250gm   cream cheese
1/4 cup  sugar
1 egg
1 TB  lime juice & zest

Method :
(1) for ingredients (A), combine together flour, baking powder, baking soda, sugar & salt and mix well. Then rub in butter till everything well cooperated and reserved one cup for topping later on. The best is to keep the remaining mixture refrigerated.
(2) for ingredients (B), beat everything till well mix then fold into ingredient (A) mixture till everything well combined. The texture should be something like muffin mixture.
(3) now, place batter into a 7" tray lined with parchment paper, set aside.
(4) next, beat ingredient (C) till well cooperated then place it on top of the cake batter.
(5) throw in the mulberry and then top with the remaining crumb like mixture of ingredient (A).
(6) finally, bake at preheated oven 175'C for about 55 minutes. The top crust should be in nice golden brown colour.

The crust is simply tempting !.

Plus the layer of cheese.... absolutely something to die for !  The texture is really moist and not very sweet. Very addictive indeed. I'm sure you will love it too. Enjoy & have a great week ahead guys.

Friday, November 13, 2015

Green Tea Cream Cheese Parfait

Yeah, I know.... its been awhile ! I hardly have time for the past couple of weeks. Hopefully, I will get something done cause my boy is complaining too. He wants to have something to enjoy badly. I need  something quick & easy and some more hassle free. And this is what I came out with.... the green tea American parfait. There actually three types of parfait, one is the French parfait which it is an iced dessert made with egg yolk, cream & liqueur. And the other one is the American parfait, which it is made with layers of cream, pastry & fruits. And lastly the British parfait, its a savory parfait made with the mixture of liver into a pate. So, which you prefer most !!! I think I prefer the American style. Quick to prepare. LOL.

So, here's what I did.

Ingredients : (4 servings)
250gm  cream cheese, softened at room temperature
200gm  icing sugar
4 TB  green tea powder
150ml  heavy cream
6 pcs  large graham crackers/digestive biscuit
1 cup  azuki /red beans, slightly pressed
extra green tea powder for garnishing
Method :
(1) beat cream cheese, sugar, green tea powder till well cooperated then set aside.
(2) now, whisk heavy cream till foamy & stiff then fold it into cream cheese mixture and blend till well mixed.
(3) crushed biscuit into fine crumbs one at a time,  place one biscuit to each cups then spread on a layer of green tea mixture.

(4) top with some red beans and 1 tspn cracker crumbs, again cover it with a spread of green tea mixture. And keep refrigerated for 3 minutes to set.
(5) finally, decorate the top with with green tea powder and red beans when serving.

LOOKS SIMPLE !!!! BUT tasted absolutely wonderful & refreshing.

The texture seems quite similar to the chilling cold ice-cream.... so creamy smooth. For green tea lover, this is something you should try out. Enjoy and hope you guys will love it too !
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