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Danish Pastry 丹麦酥皮包包

I really can't remember when is the last time I made this ! It's a tedious job ever. Don't ever started it if you're in a rough day. haha.....  But this is good to keep you motivated. Your brain will move faster and you won't easily get amnesia by this age, your hands & arm catching up quickly which will helps to burn off the excess fat underneath, your mind set will became clearer to think of something beautiful going to happen soon. I wonder if you are feeling the same way too ! haha..... Please read on for more.
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Ingredients :
420gm  all purpose flour
2-1/2 tspn  yeast
3 TB  fine sugar
2 tspn  salt
270ml  warm milk (50% milk + 50% water)

*250gm  cold butter for laminating

Method :
(1) combine all ingredients (except butter)  into a big bowl and stir to form a soft dough then add in butter continue kneading till everything well cooperated.
(2) shape dough into a ball then keep it into a plastic bag and slightly f…

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