Friday, July 29, 2016

Green Tea Red Bean Longan Mooncake 绿茶红豆龙眼冰皮月饼

Actually, I am still experimenting the usage of green tea powder because some of the time it turns out in such fantastic colour and some other time it is not ! I wonder if it is related to the branding or the mixing method. I will start investigating as soon as I found some other branding of green tea. The latest batch of green tea colour turns out to be really dull compare to the tea powder I bought 2 years ago, as shown the above picture.

And these mooncakes were made by the latest batch of green tea powder. Absolutely, dull & isn't attractive at all !

Ingredients :

Ingredients for Green Tea snow skin dough :
140gm   koh fun (cooked glutinous rice flour)
10gm     green tea powder
45gm    Crisco shortening
200ml   ice water
150gm  icing sugar

*550gm  red bean paste

Method :
(1) mix together koh fun, cocoa powder & dark cocoa powder into a big bowl till well combined.
(2) rub in shortening till everything became fine crumb.
(3) stir in syrup water & ice water till soft dough is foamed. Then set aside to rest for 30 minutes before used.

For large mooncake, divide green tea dough into 63-65gm each and red bean paste into 90gm each then round it. Now, wrap bean paste with green tea dough and nicely sealed. Then coat it with koh fun then mould it with mooncake moulds. Best to keep refrigerated before serving.

For small mooncake, divide snow skin dough into 20gm each and red bean paste into 30gm each.

However, the combination made out of this chunky red beans paste with red dates & longan is really refreshing. Hope you guys will love it too. Happy weekend !

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Homemade Longan Red Dates Red Bean Paste 桂圆龙眼红豆泥

Anyone still remember that I did mention about the Chinese red dates & longan red bean paste on my last year mooncake menu,  recipe here ???? So, this year I finally decided to make one batch red bean paste with the specialty mixture. Hopefully, it turns out as I expected. Unlike the common red bean paste which is smooth & shinny, I cut down the cooking oil and make it more chunky instead. So, here's what I did.

(*To my dear readers, I have left out step (4) earlier. Kindly take note of the process method once more. Thank you so much.)
Ingredients :
500gm   red beans, soaked for 2 hours
100gm  sugar
1/2 cup  cooking oil
Longan red dates paste one recipe

Method :
(1) wash & drain red bean then bring it to boil over high heat, let to cook for about 30 minutes or till soft. Test the beans by pressing a few before switching off the heat, if its not ready, then continue boiling till red beans reached the texture as desired.

(2)  when done, drain the beans and press to mashed them with a gadget.

(3)  after the beans became cool, try to press & knead with hands if possible. By this way, you'll be able to get a nice chunky smooth red bean paste instead of the shinny silky smooth paste.
(4)  preheat a non-stick pan with  cooking oil then cook the red bean paste over medium heat till paste became glued together into one piece.

(5) now, add in the longan sweet dates paste and continue kneading till everything is well cooperated.

And the bean paste is all ready for further process. You can either use it in you baked buns, pastry, mooncakes or even dumplings. Hope you will like it !

Longan Red Date Snow Skin Mooncake @ 七星伴月桂圆红枣冰皮月饼  

Friday, July 22, 2016

Vietnamese Spring Rolls 越南春卷

I actually made extra peanut gravy the other day and keep them frozen in separate bags, then I can use them whenever I want later day. Now its just the right timing cause my kids are all home. I'm pairing the peanut gravy with pan fried chicken chop and Vietnamese spring roll. Found a packet of Vietnamese rice paper at one of the shop  ahere few months back. Yeap, still sitting in the pantry ! haha.... Finally, I put them in good use.

Just look at the homemade peanut gravy ! Simply irresistible. (Recipe homemade peanut gravy)

The Vietnamese rice paper normally comes in round hard paper sheet as picture shown the above.

Ingredients :
1 large Japanese cucumber, julienned
1 large carrot, julienned
100gm  bean sprout, blanched
1 big bunch of cilantro, rinsed and discharged the root
1 packet of Vietnamese rice paper (need extra for 1st timer)

Method :
(1)  after putting everything in place, now soak Vietnamese rice paper into water for about 1 minute.
(2)  then quickly bring out the soaked rice paper and place it to a chopping board, which is easier for the rolling task.At this stage, the rice paper is not totally softened.

(3)  now, immediately arrange all the ingredients to rice paper and roll it up, before it turns overly soft.

 (4)  fold all three corners of rice paper inwards as picture shown above, and making sure the filling is not overly packed. Otherwise, the rice paper will break easily by the time rolling it.

And TA...DA...... Its done and all ready to serve !

For proper storage, its best to place all spring rolls onto a plastic sheet without touching one and another because the rolls turns pretty sticky at the stage. Its best to keep chilled before serving. Then preheat the peanut gravy to serve with the Vietnamese spring rolls.
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