Ferrero Rocher Chocolate Snow Skin Mooncake With NuNaturals & A Giveaway

Guess what ??? I received a package from NuNaturals with some new products to try on. There are total of three new products included a bottle of NuStevia Cocoa Syrup, NuStevia Simple Plain Syrup & NuStevia Liquid Flavoured Cherry Vanilla. Since our Chinese mid-autumn festival (mooncake festival) is just around the corner and these syrups just perfect for making some really delicious mooncakes for my family with my new toys. Besides of that, I too wanted to prepare some mooncakes for my girl before she's leaving to University soon. This year, she's going to celebrate the festival in a different way ALONE. Hopefully, she'll be able to get along with the new environment. SEE, I miss my girl already.

Ingredients for Chocolate Snow Skin dough :
120gm   koh fun
(cooked glutinous rice flour)
30gm     cocoa powder
1 TB    dark cocoa powder
45gm   Crisco shortening 
100ml   ice water
40ml  NuStevia Cocoa syrup dilute into 100ml warm water

* 6 pcs  store bought Ferrero Rocher
* 450gm  lotus paste

Method :
(1) mix together koh fun, cocoa powder & dark cocoa powder into a big bowl till well combined.
(2) rub in shortening till everything became fine crumb.
(3) stir in syrup water & ice water till soft dough is foamed. Then set aside to rest for 30 minutes before used.

Note : You may replace NuStevia Cocoa syrup or simple plain syrup with 150gm  icing sugar with a total of 200ml ice water is to be used.

Divide chocolate dough into 63-65gm each and lotus paste into 70gm each then round it. Make a hole in lotus paste then insert the Ferrero Rocher and sealed it up. Now, wrap lotus paste with chocolate dough then nicely sealed. Finally, coat it with koh fun then mould it with mooncake moulds. Best to keep refrigerated before serving.

Ingredients for Green Tea snow skin dough :
140gm   koh fun (cooked glutinous rice flour)
10gm     green tea powder
45gm    Crisco shortening
100ml   ice water
40ml  NuStevia Simple plain syrup dilute into 60ml warm water

*550gm  red bean paste

Method : as mention as the above.

For large mooncake, divide green tea dough into 63-65gm each and red bean paste into 90gm each then round it. Now, wrap bean paste with green tea dough and nicely sealed. Then coat it with koh fun then mould it with mooncake moulds. Best to keep refrigerated before serving.

For small mooncake, divide snow skin dough into 20gm each and red bean paste into 30gm each.

The additional of Ferraro Rocher is super cool. I would love to try other flavour of them as well. Its going to be a big surprise !

Looks so very addictive. Isn't it ? I bet you want more. You may check out my other homemade mooncakes list here.

I made the green tea snow skin mooncake with red bean paste as well. I think I bought the right green tea branding. Its really aromatic. My boy loves it too since he's not a big fan of green tea. *wink*

And now before ending this post, let me introduce to you to the giveaway conducted by NuNaturals. Four(4) of the lucky winners of My Little Space will be chosen. And Nunaturals is giving away as items mentioned below worth USD$50.00 plus a free bonus product.

(1) a bottle of NuStevia Cherry Vanilla Liquid Flavoured
(2) a bottle of NuStevia Cocoa Syrup
(3) a bottle of No Carb Blend
(4) a 50 pkt box of NuNaturals White Stevia Powder

Other than that if you're interested shopping over at NuNaturals site, My Little Space readers will receive a 15% discount on all order place at NuNaturals. Just enter discount code : BLG1214 on the check out page. The offer remains effective till 31st of December 2014. Online ordering customers may also receive FREE SHIPPING to the CONTINENTAL U.S. on all order exceeding USD$35.00 after discount.

Now, all you have to do is to 'LIKE' NuNaturals on facebook. Then you may leave as many comment as possible to try out your luck here at My Little Space. The contest will be closed on the 10th of September midnight. So, wishing you guys all the best. Good luck !


  1. Hi, Kristy. Your moon cake is so special, with ferrero rocher!!! wao wao wao! I thnk you can link up your moon cake post to the following blog event.

  2. Hi Kristy , not only is your moonckes gorgeous , I know they are delicious ;-D

  3. Hi Kristy, these mooncakes are unique. Must be delicious..

  4. Hey Kristy, nice filling.... can i hv my plain ones exchanged with yours ;)

  5. wow kristy, I wanna eat your moon cake, yum yum with fr added!

  6. WOW Kristy, Love that you've added FR in the filling. Very yummy!

  7. Hi Kristy,

    Your Starbucks moon cake with FR is so cool!!!

    Thanks for organizing this giveaway!!! Hope that I can win these great products.


  8. Kristy... you're so creative. Love the FR in it! Thumbs up!

  9. love your FR mooncakes! really innovative!


  10. Kristy, this is so innovative, loved your fantastic who can resist a ferrero rocher chocolate snowskin mooncake???

  11. Hi Kristy, love your idea of using FR and love to try it! Shall we exchange since I have made some baked chocolate mooncakes yesterday?

  12. What delectable moon cakes you have prepared Kristy. I'm sure they taste just as delicious:) Thank you so much for sharing and what a wonderful give-away too!!!

  13. May i know what is ur mould size?

  14. Hi Irene,
    First of all, thanks so much for stopping by to my humble little space. Now to your question, the one I'm using is a 100gm size mould.Enjoy & have fun !

  15. Kristy , I thought you're giving away the Starbucks mould lol I need to look for it here . I can't stop looking at your chocolate mooncake ,it looks FANTASTIC !

  16. you are always so creative ! the ferraro rocher is a delicious surprise!

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  18. Wow. Awesome article. Please do more articles like this in the future. Very informational and knowledgeable. I will expect more from you in the future. For now i will just bookmark your page and surely I'm gonna come back later to read more. Thank you to the writer!


  19. Hello Kristy,

    Thanks for be so innovative. I can wait to green this version this year. I have brought many brand of green tea but the color didn't come out like your. Could you share the brand of green powder you use fr this green tea mooncake.

    Thanks. KIm

  20. Hi H, I'm having the same problem too. But till now couldn't figure out the brands name cause the very last batch of this green tea powder was gifted by a friend. She also has no idea what's the brand name. So sorry !
    Blessings, Kristy

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