Pandan Snow Skin With Brown Sugar Mooncake & Fresh Cranberry Snow Skin Mooncake

Another batch of high end mooncakes specially made for my girl. After scrolling and checking out the latest snow skin mooncakes availability in the market, where I accidentally bump into this page. There are so many varieties of mooncakes selling out there .... with all sort of unique flavours from each designated chef.from all famous restaurants. There is the one that I couln't keep my eyes off it, the pandan snow skin mooncake with gula melaka fillings. It looks so simple but yet so delicious.

Now, this is my copycat homemade pandan snow skin with jaggery sugar mooncake which is actually originated from Fullerton Cake Boutique of Singapore. The retail price is S$55.00 for four pieces (big ones). Fullerton Cake Boutique uses gula melaka for the additional filling but I used jaggery sugar instead. This is a highly recommended recipe. Believe me, its really really addictive.

About two years back, I have tried making snow skin with vodka & soft drinks, recipe at here and then last year, I tried making the durian snow skin mooncake. And this year, I'm trying something simple. Lucky that I still have some frozen cranberry in the fridge which is just perfect for the mooncake skin. So, here we go again.

Ingredients for Cranberry snow skin dough :
150gm   koh fun (cooked glutinous rice flour)
100gm   icing sugar
45gm     Crisco shortening
200ml    cranberry juice
(50gm   cranberry blend with 60ml water then add extra ice water to make it 200ml)

Ingredients for Pandan snow skin dough :
150gm   koh fun (cooked glutinous rice flour)
100gm   icing sugar
45gm   Crisco shortening
200ml   pandan juice
(8 pandanus leaves blend with 180ml ice water, strained)

Method :   Please refer here.

For fresh cranberry snow skin fillings :  (size : big)
6 pcs x 65gm   white lotus paste (400gm)
6 pcs x 30gm   red bean paste    (180gm)
handful of almond flakes, toasted

Note :  mix almond flakes into lotus paste before wrap in red bean paste.

For pandan snow skin fillings : (size : big)
6 pcs x  70gm  white lotus paste  (420gm)
1/2 cup  jaggery sugar  (about 1.5 tspn for filling each lotus paste)

Note :  round the lotus paste then press to make a hole in the middle, fill in sugar then nicely press it before sealing.

I didn't use any pandan juice for my pandan snow skin mooncake during the earlier batch cause has run out of stock. I used pandan extract instead (I used 1.5 tspn of pandan extract). The colour & aroma still turns out great. Happy... happy.... happy me !

My kids became speechless and 'sapu' off (cleaning off) everything on the plate. hehehe.... Hope you guys will love it too. Enjoy !

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