Margarita & Bloody Martini Snow Skin Mooncake With Fudge

Guess what ! We are going to celebrate Mid-Autumn Festival on this coming Sunday.  Can you imagine how time flies? Phewwww..... I'm really glad that I still manage to make some mooncakes for my family this year. By the way, we are going to attend hubby's niece wedding dinner this weekend so not much celebration to be made. For this year mooncake surprises, I came up something between the west meets the east. The whole thing came up isntantly when half way reading the peanut butter fudge recipe a few days back. And the pictures kept on playing on my head. I knew I got to make it happen......and ta...da....

Here's what I did.
Ingredients for Margarita Dough :
300gm   koh fun (cooked glutinous rice flour)
160gm   icing sugar
90gm   shortening

200ml   cold soft drinks (100Plus/7up/Soda)
200ml   mixture of  40ml~  lemon juice (from 2 lemon) + 3 TB Vodka + cold water
2 lemon zest
1 lime zest

For Filling : around 900gm red bean paste.

Method :
(1) combine ingredients (A) and rub till well mixed.
(2) stir in ingredients (B) till soft dough is formed and knead till smooth.
(3) leave to rest for 30 mins then divide into 38-40gm each for mini round size mooncake & 35gm for square.
(4) wrap fillings with snow skin dough, coat with koh fun flour then stamp with mooncake mould.

Ingredients for Bloody Martini :
300gm  koh fun
160ml   icing sugar
90gm    shortening

200ml  cold soft drinks
200ml   mixture of  3 TB black grapes puree + 3 TB  Vodka + cold water (add in plum/strawberry puree if possible)

Method :  Refer as the above. For Filling : exactly 1 kg mung bean paste.

For peanut butter fudge fillings :  10gm  peanut butter fudge wrap with 30gm red bean paste.
For pandan mung bean paste  :   40gm  pandan mung bean paste (duoyung) with roasted seeds.

Olala......can you imagine the taste of both my babies! The combination is simply amazing. Never had I thought of such wonderful creation especially the Margarita my top favourite. Mine is actually a lighter version. Other than that the peanut butter fudge is a bonus. You should try it out someday and let me know! Since time is limited, I only used store bought mung bean paste which I love very much. For those lotus paste lover just change the recipe as desired. No problem at all. And stay tune for my upcoming peanut butter fudge recipe guys.
At the same time, I'm here wishing you all a very Happy Mooncake Festival. Enjoy & have a sweet & fabulous time.
I'm sending this to Suresh @ Muhibbah Malaysian Monday.


  1. Kristy, so clever! I love your creations, very pretty and look so yummy!!
    Happy Mid-Autumn Festival!!!

  2. Wow....SUPER LOVE the igredients you used! Your mooncakes look like fresh out from 5 star hotels :)
    Happy Mid-Autumn Festival!

  3. They are so pretty! I want to make my own moon cakes for a long time but lack the confidence to do so. It seems like such an intimidating task! Yours look amazing. I bet they taste as good as they look. Happy Mid-Autumn festival!

  4. They are so pretty -- almost want to leave it as is, but I'm sure I'll inhale it in a snap. :-)

  5. Great looking snow skin mooncake! Happy Mid-Autumn Festival to you and your family.

  6. Kristy:
    Very daring ideas in mixing vodka in dough. Like your mooncake mould very much, lovely mooncakes. Happy mooncake festival to you.

  7. should taste very good. This year i didnt make any.

    Happy mid autumn to you and your family

  8. will i get high eating these mooncakes? LOL just kidding. these are innovative, kristy! better copyright, afterwards you see your these mooncakes selling in 5 star restaurants oredi! LOL!

  9. Tempting! I just wish I have the mold.


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