Asian Herbal Rice Salad @ Nasi Ulam Ber~oat

As mentioned on my previous post, I'm going to post a rice salad recipe here today. Here it is, nasi ulam is one of many famous Malay cuisines originated from northern Malaysia. It also brings the meaning of Asian herbal rice salad. Honestly, I have yet tried it before.....NOT untill today.

Without wasting further I am trying my first batch of rice salad with my previous mushroom oat rice. Of coz, you can also use plain rice or preferably to use unpolished rice (highly recommended).

Ingredients :
2 cups  mushroom oat rice
1 turmeric leaf, thinly sliced
1 cup  basil leaves, thinly sliced
1 cup  mint leaves, thinly sliced
2 ginger flower petal, thinly sliced
1/2 cup   roasted coconut
2 TB  fried onion

Method :

cover the rice with all the thinly sliced herbal leaves & all other ingredients, then mix them up, finally serve with curry or meat rendang and pickled salad

*you can either add more varieties of herbal leaves or reduce some of it according your personal likes.

This is definitely another healthy menu but not such yummy meal for kids. haha.... I'll have to say this rice salad goes just beautifully delish with meat rendang or masak lemak (thick coconut gravy) and also with spicy sweet dark soy sauce chicken.
I'm sending this to Suresh @ Muhibbah Malaysian Monday.


  1. Sweetie this looks great love the rice!

  2. btw it took 11 trys with your captcha to leave a message something is wrong

  3. I had this nasi ulam before! That was a year back when I was in KL, and it sure leave an impression on me. The powerful and fragrant smell and taste from the herbs really infused every bite, a pleasant intoxicating experience I must say, hahaha! Thanks for sharing this Kristy! ;)

  4. I can only prepare nasi ulam when my childen older a bit, currently they will not appreciate this rice..But I want a plate now,sound so yummy..

  5. I was thinking exactly the same sentiment when I see this ulam, my boys won't appreciate this dish lol! But I wouldn't eating some, good for health!

  6. Never try this before...Must be very nice.

  7. What a great an unusual rice dish! Ginger flower blossom?

  8. As always your ingredients are fascinating to me. I really appreciate your sharing your very exotic (to us in NY) flavors on foodie friday.

  9. i love the flavours of nasi ulam! with your mushroom oatrice, this is very creative plus healthy!!

  10. Looks like a dish my hubby and I will appreciate for sure. hehe....I can always serve this and prepare something else for the kids. I know my kids don't like too much herbs in their food. :P Guess that's normal.

    thanks for sharing this wonderful recipe.

  11. I have never come across mushroom oat rice before. Is it a special rice I can buy? I would love this, considering that I like eat healthy and ask for my kids, maybe I'll put some tomato sauce on it and get them to eat LOL


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