Cuti-cuti Malaysia ~ Kelantan (1)

I went to Kelantan 2 days before the University admission day. Its a long long way ...... about 10 hours driving time. Its about 2.30am when we arrived to the hotel at Kota Bahru. Hubby & I are both totally exhausted. However, after a good rest we continued our journey the following day. After taking our breakfast, we drove around Kota Bahru and also went to the designated University for a quick look.

Here's the view from the entrance. The environment is quite comfortable and the first year students' hostel is located about 300m away from the Campus. Cafeteria & mini-mart is also available nearby which is situated just next to the hostel entrance gate. And ATM machine is located at the Campus lobby.

This is the situation at the hostel entrance on the admission day. We arrived quite early that day and after my girl submitted all the documents, we go straight to the hostel to help her settle down everything. All parents are requested to leave before 5.00pm. Cause the first year students' orientation activities going to start at 5.00pm till midnight 12.00am. And the following morning will start at 6.30am till 12.00am (continuously for 5 days). I'm sure my girl is going to be exhausted by the end of the week.

Hubby & I are both leaving the campus after taking lunch with my girl. No, I'm not crying but excited for her and hope she'll enjoy the University life there. At the beginning, hubby is very sad for leaving her there but after meeting other room-mates he beginning to change his mind.  It such an eye-opening cause one of her room-mate actually travel ALONE all the way from Penang with just a backpack. Yes, without her parents ! I'm sure she's a very tough young lady. Hats off to her ! Four years to go.....

Before the admission day, hubby, me & my girl took a quick visit to the most famous spot in Kota Bahru, Kelantan. Its called 'PASAR SITI KHATIJAH' or Siti Khatijah Market. Its a two storey wet & dry market where the ground floor is selling all kinds of meat, seafood, rice, fruits, kuih-muih & vegetables. And the upper floor is mostly are the dry food stalls & cook-ware stalls.

For many years, this is the way how they run the business everyday. I noticed mostly are women selling vegetables and the men is running the seafood business. Guess what ? I can only see ikan tonggol at the seafood stalls nothing but just ikan tonggol. I wonder where are all other fishes, squid & prawn goes !!!

Here's the situation at the upper floor Siti khatijah Market. You can see seruding daging (meat floss) available almost every stalls, other than that would be fish crackers, dried enchovies & other dried food and dodol. If you're interested to get some Siam rice then this is the place you should & must visit. Most rice stalls are located at the ground floor.

At the first glance, I thought I was in Xinjiang, China. haha.... Jawi words are everywhere. Even the Chinese food stalls have to put up Jawi words as well. However, the city is seems so peaceful. No matter you're Chinese, Indian or Malay, they're helping each other like families. And this is what I like about. After surveying for sometime, I supposed the crime risk is very very low in Kota Bahru. Not a single complaint for those whom are living there.

Then after lunch, we are heading to Tumpat. The location is situated at Thailand & Malaysia border line. Its about an hour drive from Kota Bahru. I came across that a number of Siam Temples are situated all around Tumpat but no luck to bump into one ! Not much pictures were taken there cause mostly are padi field, fishing village & beach resort along the way.

This mosque is located somewhere at Wakaf Bahru, on the way heading to Tumpat. The weather is quite hot and hubby feeling a bit tired & headache after a few hours drive. So, we heading back to the hotel in the evening to get some rest before dinner.

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