Kuih Sepang Kukus & The Giveaway Result

Honestly, I have never heard of this 'kuih sepang kukus' (dumpling sepang) nor seen it before in my life. It also called as 'kuih basah' (wet dumpling) as it is steamed. I came across this kuih from an oldie magazine of a friend. As it mentioned, 'kuih sepang kukus' is originated from Negeri Sembilan and its customary to serve it at the bride's house on the wedding night. There's actually a place in Negeri Sembilan called Sepang where its located just nearby the KLIA airport..... also near to hubby's home. However, I'm glad I finally have the chance to give this a go and introducing this special dessert to my readers.

It was quite exciting while waiting for something new to come out from the steamer! >o<

Ingredients for dumpling skin :
100gm  glutinous rice flour
pinch of salt
100ml  warm water
(combine everything to form a soft dough then divide into 10 portions)

Ingredients for coconut filling :
1 cup  grated young coconut
50gm  gula melaka / jaggery sugar
40gm  white sugar
salt to taste
1 tspn  tapioca starch
60ml  water
(combine everything then cook over medium heat till thickened, set aside to cool)

*1 cup  thick coconut milk + pinch of salt
* pandanus leaf, washed

(1) press to flatten dumpling skin into round shape between a plastic sheet which is much easier, place in the coconut filling then nicely sealed.
(2) place stuffed dumpling to tray then add in pandanus leaf & 1/2 cup coconut milk mixture.
(3) steamed for 10-15 minutes over high heat or till cooked. Serve hot once its done by adding in the remaining coconut milk mixture.

Oooo..... my first bite on the 'kuih sepang kukus' ! Slurpppp.... The texture is very smooth & springy and it goes really well with the coconut filling. It is something quite similar to the Korean dessert called songpyeon. Of course, this 'kuih sepang kukus' best to serve it hot or warm together with the coconut milk gravy. Pretty addictive ! Hope you guys will like it too. Enjoy !

Now.... here's the giveaway result you've been waiting for ! CONGRATULATIONS to all four winners Victoria Bakes, Louise, Jess & Charlotte. Please kindly send me your contact address through email ASAP. Thank you for joining the contest everyone. Hopefully, there'll be more coming up in future.

Good day & have a fabulous week ahead everyone !


  1. very new recipe. by the way, I am not relocating to johor, we are just planning to take the boys to visit legoland during holidays, since JB is one of the few states we havent visited was just wondering if there were other places to vist... :)

  2. I love the coconut filling. These dumplings look very inviting, Kristy.

  3. Oh my goodness gracsious, Kristy! Those are some heavenly looking dumplings! That coconut filling must taste amazing and those dumplings like a bite of goodness! You did a wonderful job Kristy!!!

    I van't believe I WON the giveaway!!! Congratualtions to the other winners!!! I'm so excited to try the NuStevia products especially that Cocoa Syrup! Thank you so much Kristy. I will email you ASAP!

  4. wow! they look so heavenly! I love them!

  5. Hi Kristy, thank for selected me as winner, so happy!
    and I never hear about this kuih too, so special! and coconut, sound delicious!

  6. Hi Kristy, I have never heard of this special dessert before too, with the coconut fillings it must be very delicious and fragrant. Thanks for introducing it.

  7. What an interesting dumpling dessert. Pinned. Thanks for bringing this by Weekend Bites.


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