Nyonya Kuih Bongkong @ Kuih Jongkong

Never had I thought of making more kuih this days after my girl admitted to Uni. Supposed I have a little bit more time for myself, yet still struggling in between. I remember I often enjoy this kind of kuih during my childhood days but never know what its called ! haha..... Boy,  miss them so much ! There's actually not much recipes available for this kuih bongkong on the website, I found one recipe 2 to 3 years ago as written under kuih jongkong but recipe isn't detail enough. I was confused then, not knowing which is the right one. So, finally found it at Debbie Teoh's kitchen, the famous nyonya cuisine chef of Malaysia. Now I am  100% confirm that this kuih is called as nyonya kuih bongkong, as well as kuih jongkong. Cause 'jongkong' is meaning ingot in English, just like the process how this kuih was done & shaped. What a name !

This is a very easy to prepare recipe. I'm sure anyone can make this at home at anytime. All you need is to wipe up the ingredients then leave cooled and wrap & steam.

Ingredients :
80gm   rice flour
20gm   tapioca flour
10gm   green pea flour
2 cup   coconut milk (1 cup thick coconut milk + 1 cup water)
1 TB    sugar
1 tspn  salt
2 pandanus leaves, washed

*100gm   gula melaka / jaggery sugar, chopped
* 10 pcs  banana leaves by the size 8x12"

Method :
(1) combine rice flour, tapioca flour, green pea flour, coconut milk, sugar & salt, then mix well.
(2) add in pandanus leaves then cook over medium heat till almost thicken, switch to low heat continue stirring till you get the consistency you want. Then off the heat.

(3) the mixture will became a bit lumpy at the beginning, keep on stirring till became smooth paste. Set aside to cool.
(4) now, bring a pot of water to boil and soften banana leaves over hot water. Then wipe dry.
(5) spread a big spoon of coconut paste to banana leaf then place in some chopped gula melaka, cover the top with one more spoon of coconut paste then wrap & sealed nicely.
(6) steam at preheated steamer for 15 minutes. Best to serve after cooled.

This is how the kuih was wrapped.

Ooooo..... now, this is it ! My very first batch of kuih bongkong. It was so delicious. Have to make another batch soon for my girl. She's coming back for a short break soon. Hope you guys will love it too. Enjoy !
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