Healthy Steamed Banana Muffins

I still have plenty of plantain bananas or pisang tanduk to work out with and have decided to use some of it on this steamed muffins. Bet the gang will be very happy & enjoy this little muffins. They have requested NO frying food during our meet up ever since one of the member left us two weeks ago.So, this should be perfect for them.

Ingredients :
150gm  mashed bananas (pisang tanduk)
1 large egg
100gm  sugar
100ml   milk
2 TB   melted butter
1/2 tspn   vanilla essence/banana essence

180gm   all purpose flour
20gm   rice flour
2 tspn  baking powder
1/2 tspn  baking soda
(combined & mix well)

Method :
(1) Beat ingredients (A) till well combined then fold in ingredients (B) and mix well. Do not over mix the batter.
(2) fill batter to little paper cups and steam for 15 minutes over preheated steamer.

These little muffins look fabulous after steamed and smell great as well.

Pisang tanduk is unlike any other bananas. Not overly sweet. It is more to sweet & tangy and smell wonderful too. I'm sure these little muffins are great to use for the coming 'qing ming' fesetival for offering to the ancestors. Enjoy !
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