Pumpkin Kuih Koci With White Coconut Filling

Finally, my computer is back ! yay...... Oh well, its a good thing too when me without my computer. I actually managed to spend some time in making kuih. haha... I've been eyeing for this white coconut kuih since a long long time ago but I don't think its available around the southern part of Malaysia cause I have yet seen anything like this here so far. However, making them at home shouldn't be a problem.... so, here it is my homemade pumpkin koci with white coconut fillings.

Ingredients for koci skin :
250gm   glutinous rice flour
150gm   pumpkin, steamed & mashed
1 TB  sugar
pinch of salt
120ml  coconut milk
2 TB  cooking oil

*14 pcs  banana leaves,
(cut into 9cm diameter round then brush on some cooking for coating)

Method :
(1) combine flour, sugar & salt into a big bowl then add in mashed pumpkin, coconut milk & oil.
(2) stir mixture turn into soft dough & knead till smooth then divide into 14 portions (40gm each)or 15-16 portions (35gm each) for smaller size. Then round dough & set aside.

Ingredients for white coconut fillings :
3 cups  young grated coconut
6 TB  sugar
1tspn salt
2 TB  tapioca flour

Method :
(1) combine coconut with sugar & salt, stir well then steam for 15 minutes over preheated steamed
(2) leave to cool then stir in tapioca flour & mix well.
(3) finally, round them into 25gm each balls and its ready to use.

Now, flatten each koci dough and fill in the white coconut then wrap & nicely sealed. Round them if possible. Then set aside till everything is completed. Fold banana leaf into a cone shape then insert a koci ball into the cavity.

Next, fold the leaf by pressing the folded part of the leaf then follow by folding in from the other two sides.

The end of folding should be looking like this. Neat ! However, its best to stapler the bottom folding to make sure there's no leakage during the steaming process. Finally, steam the pumpkin koci for about 15-20 minutes. Leave to cool before serving.

WA...LA.... the colour of this kuih is simply amazing. I especially love the white coconut filling. Its tasty good and not overly sweet. A kind of different from the one they usually made with gula melaka or jaggery sugar. I really enjoy how natural it looks & taste ! Hope you guys will love it too !
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