Korean Seasoned Fried Chicken @ Yangnyeom-tongdak 韩国甜辣炸鸡

As usual.... need to finish up the leftover items from the fridge ! Guess, this going to be a Korean week cause still plenty of ssamjang needed to be bottom off. Other than making kimchiI am actually very much looking forward to try up the Korean fried chicken. There are two types of Korean fried chicken, one is call as Dakgangjeong and the other is Yangnyeom-tongdak. The difference between the two recipes is the used of ssamjang (which earlier I have mistaken it as gochujang. Still learning. OK ! hehe.... ) I am very sure this will be an excellence recipe.Since my boy is back for the weekend, I'm going to make extra to satisfy his taste bud. So, here..... I go !

To my all my readers, I would like to apologize for my mistake regarding the ingredients used here. After further search, I noticed that the one I have here is gochujang instead of ssamjang. Gochujang is the mixture of red chili, fermented beans and glutinous rice. And ssamjang is the mixture made from gochujang,, garlic, onion, doenjang (Korean bean paste) and brown sugar. And still, you may use ssamjang on this recipe.

Ingredients :
6 chicken wings, cut half
salt & pepper
3-4 TB  corn starch
1 TB  toasted sesame seeds
1 TB  chopped garlic

Seasoning ingredients :
3 TB  gochujang or ssamjang
2 TB  sweet plum sauce
1 TB  sugar
1 TB  vinegar
* Thickening  :  1/2 cup water mixed with 1/2 TB tapioca starch

Method :
(1)  marinade chicken with salt & pepper for 15 minutes then stir in cornstarch till everything well cooperated.
(2)  next, fry chicken till crispy golden brown and set aside.

(3) to prepare the sweet & spicy coating sauce, saute garlic over preheated frying pan with cooking oil till fragrant.
(4) then add in all the seasoning ingredients and bring it to boil, till sauce became thickened.

Finally, off the heat and place in fried chicken and stir till everything well coated and decorate it with toasted sesame seeds.

No doubt.... this is such a scrumptious recipe you shouldn't missed out. My boy polished everything off and surprisingly he even washed the plate for me. haha..... Happy weekend everyone !
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