Korean Sticky Fried Chicken @ Dakgangjeong 韩式炸鸡

Cool.... I tried two types of Korean fried chicken two days in a roll ! My boy loves it. This is the recipe I mentioned earlier, dakgangjeong, without the usage of ssamjang paste. The ingredients is more or less similar to the Chinese 'gong bao ji' 宫保鸡 but tasted a little difference due to the additional of vinegar. Quite interesting though !

You may use chicken wings on this recipe but I've chosen to use chicken strips.

Ingredients :
4 chicken upper thigh, deboned and cut into strips
salt & pepper
3-4 TB  corn starch
1 TB  toasted sesame seeds
1 TB  chopped garlic
1 inch  ginger, julienned

Seasoning ingredients :
10 pcs  dried chilies, cut & soaked for 30 minutes
1 TB  sweet plum sauce
1 TB  brown sugar
1 TB  vinegar
1 TB  light soy sauce
* Thickening  :  1/2 cup water mixed with 1/2 TB tapioca starch

Method :
(1)  marinade chicken with salt & pepper for 15 minutes then stir in cornstarch till everything well cooperated.
(2)  next, fry chicken till crispy golden brown and set aside.
(3) to prepare the sweet & spicy coating sauce, saute ginger till crispy brown & fragrant then discharged and set aside.
(4) next, saute garlic & chilies over preheated frying pan with cooking oil till fragrant.
(5) now, add in all the seasoning ingredients and bring it to boil, till sauce became thickened.
(6) finally, off the heat and place in fried chicken and stir till everything well coated and decorate it with toasted sesame seeds.

I have omitted the toasted peanuts on this since my boy doesn't like it.  Again, he polished everything up and washed the plate. haha...... Hope you will like it too ! Enjoy.
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