Pineapple Strudel 凤梨果餡卷

I received a huge pineapple from a friend two months ago but we only managed to finish half of it. So, have no idea what to do with the leftover. It would be a waste if I didn't put it in good use. Finally, I decided to cook the pineapple and kept it frozen for other uses. And after two months later, here it is...... the pineapple strudel !  I am actually out of pastry margarine the other day when making the pastry dough. So, without any delay I decided to replace the pastry margarine by using the Chinese pastry shortening recipe instead. I tried not to use butter for the laminating process this round.  Unexpectedly, the crust turns out really really good ! It was extremely thin & crispy. It is a joyous experience.

Ingredients for pastry dough :
Dough A
390gm  all purpose flour
1-1/2 tspn  salt
90gm  cold butter, chopped
210ml  cold water

Dough B
225gm  all purpose flour
125gm   shortening

* for glazing : one egg yolk mixed with 1 tspn milk

Method :
(1)  for dough A : mix together flour & salt then add in butter and rub till well cooperated. Finally, stir in water till soft dough is formed and knead till smooth. Set aside to rest for 30 minutes.
(2) for dough B :  mix ingredients together to form a soft dough and round it.

(3) now, wrap dough B into dough A then nicely sealed. Place dough to slightly floured working table and roll it out flat into thin rectangle shape about the size of 12x30".  Then refer here for the further laminating process.
(4) When the laminating is done, divide dough into two portions. Keep one portion refrigerated for other uses. Now, roll the remaining dough into thin 12x24"rectangle sheet and place it to a greased baking tray.
(5) then add in pineapple fillings and spread evenly to half of the pastry as picture shown below.

Ingredients for pineapple fillings :
1 kg  pineapple, cored & diced
1 tspn  cinnamon powder
1/2 tspn   nutmeg powder
3 TB  brown sugar (or to your taste)
1/2 cup  raisins
80gm  butter

*for thickening :  50ml  water mixed with 1-1/2 tspn cornflour

Method :
(1) preheat frying pan with butter, over medium heat.
(2) once its ready, place in all ingredients except thickening and simmer till pineapple turned soft.
(3) at this stage, you will have plenty of juices; and now, add in thickening to thicken the juices into lava gravy. Then leave to cool completely before used. Best to prepare one day before and keep refrigerated overnight.

(6) next, fold pastry to wrap around the fillings and by sealing the pastry meeting point neatly facing underneath, brush on egg glazing over the top pastry.  By using a fork, dock the pastry top for making holes.

(7)  finally, bake at preheated oven 185-190'C for about 40-50 minutes or till golden brown.
(8)  Leave to cool for 15 minutes and garnish with icing sugar before serving.

So, pineapple strudel anyone ????? It would be perfect with a vanilla ice-cream on top. Slurpppp.....
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