Schaumrollen @ The Austrian Pastry Cone 奧地利酥饼捲

I actually prepare this recipe without a plan. It was just out of the blue after I bump into a word called schaumrollen and for further searching, I found it and here it is ! I bring the WORD into LIFE. The picture already says it all.... isn't it ! Schaumrollen is one of the many famous Austrian pastry and its normally shape into a roller foam and filled with sweet cream. Actually, my pastry margarine was out of stock during the preparation. I was quite disappointed at first, but then I convinced myself to convert the recipe by using the Chinese pastry shortening instead of pastry margarine or butter. The result is absolutely out standing. It also reminds me of Danish Roll from Lavender Bakery.  So, here's what I did.

Ingredients for pastry dough :
Dough A
390gm  all purpose flour
1-1/2 tspn  salt
90gm  cold butter, chopped
210ml  cold water

Dough B
220gm  all purpose flour
125gm   shortening
1 tspn  vanilla essence

* For glazing : 1 egg yolk + 1 tspn milk
*1/2 cup icing sugar for dusting

Method :
(1)  for dough A : mix together flour & salt then add in butter and rub till well cooperated. Finally, stir in water till soft dough is formed and knead till smooth. Set aside to rest for 30 minutes.
(2) for dough B :  mix ingredients together to form a soft dough and round it.
(3) now, wrap dough B into dough A then nicely sealed, Place dough to slightly floured working table then flatten it into 12x30" rectangle sheet.
(4) for further laminating process, kindly refer here for folding method. You don't need to keep chill every now and then when you're using pastry margarine or pastry shortening for laminating, unlike butter which melts really fast.
(5) finally, divide pastry dough into half and keep one half into refrigerator for other recipe. I only use half portion for this recipe.
(6) again, roll it flat into 12x20" sheet and cut the shorter side into 1" length stripe.
(7) slightly pull to prolong the dough stripes then roll it over to the stainless steel cone gadget till everything completed.

(8) now, brush on egg glazing and bake at preheated oven 180-185'C for about 15 minutes or till golden brown.

(9) once its done, leave to cool for 10 minutes before removing the gadget. For storage, you may keep baked pastry cone into air-tight jar and keep chill.

The pastry tastes as good as the freshly baked ones even after a few days old.

Ingredients for meringue cream :
2 egg whites + 1 :TB  icing sugar
50 ml   water
150gm  sugar

Method :
(1)  whisk egg white together with icing sugar till light & foaming. Set aside.
(2)  add together water and the remaining sugar and bring it to boil till sugar totally dissolved and turns into thick syrup.
(3) immediately, add hot syrup little by little into meringue by beating it slowly till well cooperated.
(4) place meringue cream into piping bag and its ready to fill into pastry cone for serving.

First attempt trying out the special meringue cream. I am totally out of words after pairing it with the pastry cone. The crust turns out really crispy and the cream is simply irresistible. My boy is loving it as much as I do. Thumbs up ! Hope you guys will love it too. Enjoy & have a great week ahead everyone.
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