Air Fryer Kuih Bingka Beras Bunga Telang @ Baked Rice Cake 蓝花肥豬肉

Hi... Hi... Hi guys, another yummy recipe from my air fryer again ! I don't made kuih often, but after I owned the AF I started to try out some really nice recipes. Though this recipe required mung bean flour, I hardly seen mung bean flour these days. So, checking around for substitution and finally made up my mind to replace it with tapioca flour and corn flour. I am truly blessed with the out come. Don't you love it too ! Please read on for more.

Here's what I did.
Ingredients :
100gm  rice flour
50gm  tapioca flour
50gm  corn flour
1 tspn  salt
130gm  sugar
100ml   blue pea flower water
500ml  coconut milk
3 pcs  pandanus leaf

Method :
(1)  For blue pea flour water, place 30 blue pea flower into 140ml boiling water. Let it sit for 10 minutes then discharged the flowers.
(2)  next, stir together 100ml blue pea water, pandan leaf and sugar, and cook over low heat till sugar dissolved. Discharged pandan leaf.

(3)  now, add coconut milk into blue pea syrup till well combined, as picture shown below.

(4) then mix together rice flour, tapioca flour, cornflour and salt.

(5) now, stir flour mixture into coconut milk mixture in few batches till everything well cooperated.

(6) then cook batter by using double boiler method over medium heat, till batter became thicken like paste, as picture shown above.

(7) transfer batter into 7" greased baking tray lined with banana leaf, then brush the top with a layer of cooking oil.
(8) finally, bake at preheated air fryer 170'C for 20 minutes, after that 180'C for another 10 minutes. **Do take note that the tray should be place directly on fryer basket to bake.

Once it's done, leave cake to cool down completely before unmould it. Then slice cake with a plastic cutter, which is most appropriate.

Yet, I still think the colour is not deep enough. Hopefully, will be able to get a thicker colour in future. Enjoy & happy baking guys !

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