Rice Cooker Steamed Angelica Root Chicken 电饭煲清蒸当归鸡

I wanted to prepare something simple today and also wanted to clear up my fridge. So, get the leftover kampung chicken thigh off the fridge and marinade them with salt & pepper without any plans. Just wanted to have it done in an easy way with my rice cooker. Then dig out some goji berries and angelica root slices from the fridge as well and dump everything into the basket.... wakaka.... ya basket ! And finally, there it goes .... into the rice cooker without thinking for long ........ and  >o< Olala .......  Please read on for more.

Ingredients :
2 whole chicken thigh (kampung chicken)
3 slices  angelica root
10  dried goji berries
salt & pepper to taste
1/3 tspn  chicken granule
1/2 cup   shaoxing wine

Method :
(1)  marinade chicken with salt & pepper for 15 minutes.
(2)  next, place everything together into a tray which is just fit into the rice cooker. I used 7" round tray from my Air fryer.
(3)  by using your rice cooker to cook rice at the same time, place in a rack to hold the tray filled with chicken. Switch on the cooking timer and let to cook automatically till off.
(4)  by the time the rice is cooked, the chicken will be cooked as well.

Oh wow, the chicken stock looks incredibly delicious and smells fantastic with those angelica root.

Don't you look how it looks ! The yellowish juicy skin is simply sexy enough to have you drawn to. haha.....
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