Air Fryer Ayam Berempah 气炸锅马来香料鸡翅膀

My first attempt making this ayam berempah @ malay spicy chicken with less oil version. This is an extremely delicious chicken dish full of aromatic spices. Normally, I would buy this ayam berempah from Pasar pagi @ morning market once a week. But it happened that the stall owner doesn't open shop often, so I decided to make my own. And it such a blessing that it turns out yummy. My girl just love it. Please read on for more.

Note to all my readers :  Please feel free to drop me an email if you've any questions. Thank you.

Ingredients :
5 chicken wings
salt to taste
2 stalk  lemongrass (upper part), cut in 1/2" length
2 tspn  curry powder
1/2 tspn  cumin powder
1/2 tspn  fennel powder
1/2 tspn  coriander powder
handful of curry leaves, washed

Ingredients for blended paste :
4 shallots
1"  galangal/blue ginger
4 clove garlic
3  lemongrass only the bottom white part
5 dried chilies, cook to soften

Method :
(1) pound cut lemongrass with a pestle till turns into fine shreds.
(2) heat up the blend ingredients with 3 tablespoon of cooking oil till fragrant, then puree it into paste.
(3) combine blended paste, curry powder, cumin powder, coriander powder & curry powder together and mix till well cooperated.

(4) marinade chicken with salt then set aside for 15 minutes, then rub in blended mix paste, curry leaves and pounded lemongrass. Leave to rest for 2 hours but its best overnight.

(5)  when ready, arrange to air fryer with a baking paper lined below. And bake at 200'C  30 minutes then turn it around and bake at 195'C for another 25 minutes.

If your chicken wings turned out very light in colour then it is not ready yet !  Put it back to air fryer and bake for another few more minutes. Unlike the BBQ chicken wings which easily cooked. The colour should be much darker than this one here.


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