Deep Fried Cheesy Taro Balls 台式炸起司芋头酥

This is another version of taro balls that I am working with, unlike the common taro ball called "wu kok'. 'Wu kok' has 5 spice aroma and with the hairy outstanding crust and savory fillings. But this version of taro ball is in a very clean flavour, which is sweet and salty and cheesy at the same time. Kind of melting you away..... haha......  Please read on for more.

Note for my dearest readers :  For further enquiry, kindly email directly to me. Thank you.

When you are in the market, go look for taro that is around 530gm cause after all the cutting and cleaning it will became 400gm something.

Ingredients :
400-420gm  taro (after cleaning)
80gm  sugar
1/2 tspn  salt
1 TB  cooking oil
4 TB  wheat starch
**200gm   mozerella cheese, grated

Method :
(1)  wash & skinned the taro, then slice it into small portions.
(2)  next, steam for 25 minutes or till soft.

(2)  once its ready, transfer steamed taro to a mixing bowl then mashed into puree.
(3)  now, add in sugar & salt and mix well then stir in cooking oil till well cooperated.

(4) next, add in wheat starch and knead till soft dough is form.

(5)  once its done, divide dough by using an ice cream scoop. You will get around 10 portions.

(6)  now, stuff in grated cheese and seal nicely.

(7) finally, cover all filled taro balls with wheat starch and coat it with water, and throw them to bread crumb till well coated.

The taro ball will looks like this after coated with bread crumbs.

Finally, deep fried with high heat at the beginning then lower the heat once it started to brown.

Olala。。。。here comes the baby !  Looks so good, is it !

And not forgetting the cheesy filling too ! Oh man, looks incredibly yummy.


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