Roti Cheese Sandwich Roll 印度薄饼起司专

My roti cheese sandwich roll is actually inspired by LIANG. I remember a few weeks back my daughter and I went for a movie, saw this LIANG stall and bought one to try. Oh wow, it was so good !  I knew I am going to try it out in my home kitchen some day and finally I did it. I am truly happy. It was really yummy. Even my kampung boy hubby also gave me thumbs up. haha.....  Please read on for more.

Note :  Please email me directly if there's any questions. Thank you.

Ingredients :
one packet of ready made roti canai (I used Kawan brand original)
5 eggs (one egg for each roti)
pepper & salt to taste
some spring onion, thinly sliced
shredded cabbage
cherry tomato

Method :
(1)  preheat frying pan then rub frying pan with a thin layer of butter or cooking oil.
(2)  once the heat is warming up, place in a piece of ready made roti canai and cook over medium heat till brown with both side.

(3) in the other hand, beat an egg then add in spring onion and some seasoning to taste.
(4) once the roti is done, set aside.

(5)  now, lower the heat and place in beaten egg, try to round it if possible.
(6)  then quickly place in cooked roti before egg is totally cooked, so that they will merge together easily.
(7)  when the egg is cooked, flip roti the other way round and place in mozzarella cheese, then again flip it the way round again. Let it cook for one second or till you get the smell of cheese.

(8) transfer to serving plate and throw in whatever you want for your fillings. For me, I am placing in some shredded cabbage and cherry tomatoes then top with some mayo. yum yum...

Finally, roll it up like a swiss roll and serve warm. Oh man, this is super delicious !  Bet your kids will ask for more. Enjoy !


  1. Very appetizing! Anything with cheese has got to be yummy.


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