Lychee Chicken Roll

I think a couple of months back I saw a commercial foodie review. There's one restaurant serving a quite interesting appetizer what so they called it as pan seared bacon lychee. I've been planning for that since then and finally did it in my way. Well, not exactly my way! It's actually I couldn't find some nice bacon slices here, in my living area, so have to use chicken meat sliced.

And here's what I did.

Ingredients :

1 whole chicken breast
15 Lychee, canned
7-8 slices ham/chicken meat loaf, halved
(I used 'Ayamas' chicken meat loaf)
some toothpicks

Seasoning :
salt & pepper
2 tbsp honey
2 tspn light soy sauce
2 tspn sesame oil
Method :
- slice chicken meat and flatten it.
- marinade flattened chicken meat with all the seasoning and leave to rest for about 1/2 hour.

- cut ham about the size of the chicken meat.
- wrap lychee with a slice of ham and then follow with a slice of chicken meat.
- insert the meat to a toothpick so that everything will stick in one place.
- pan fried the meat roll over medium low heat with butter & a little cooking oil untill cooked.
- serve hot.

Olala.... I'm drooling! The sweet & juicy lychee spilt out immediately from my mouth on just one bite..... chewing against the ham and flavourful chicken sliced.... Just imagine stuffing your mouth full with all those yummilious meat & fruit. Frankly, one will never enough for me! Guess, I have to double up the ingredients. haha.....
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