White Chocolate Cheese Cake

I wonder are you guys out there facing the same blogger problem as I do for the past few days! I have problems entering other blogger site lately. Really frustrating! Or maybe because I haven't had enough cheese cake lately..... haha... what a good reason to make myself bake for something rich. I mean do you guys give reasons to make something deliciously rich for yourself when you're craving desperately? Frankly, this is not a good idea at all.

Ingredients for Base :
115gm butter, melted
170gm digestive biscuit, finely crashed
50gm toasted ground almond
- combine all ingredients and mix well, then press mixture to a 8" springform pan.
- keep chill untill set.

Ingredients for Cheese Filling :
500gm cream cheese
80gm sugar
5gm cornflour
2 eggs, lightly beaten
200ml yogurt
70gm white chocolate, cut in pieces
2 tbsp whipping cream

- combine all ingredients (except white chocolate & whipping cream) in a big bowl and beat untill well combined.
- melt white chocolate with whipping cream untill well mixed.
- stir melted chocolate to cream cheese mixture and mix well.
- pour 2/3 of the batter to the prepared biscuit base pan.

Dark Chocolate Mixture :
8gm cocoa powder
1 tspn instant coffee powder
20ml hot water
1/2 tbsp coffee extract
- mix all ingredients together untill dissolved.
- stir the coffee mixture to the 1/3 portion batter and mix untill well combined.
- then dot the coffee mixture in the white mixture.
- swirl a palette knife through the mixtures to create a marbling effect.

Finally, cover the bottom baking tray with aluminium foil. And waterbath bake at 150'c preheated oven for about 1hour & 20 mins or untill it's set. Glaze the cake with marmalade jam.
Leave cool and refrigerate the cake overnight before serving.

* 80gm marmalade jam combine with 3 tbsp water, and heat low heat untill smooth. Allow to cool before glazing.
Oh yes, this should fix my taste bud.... Excuse me, I mean my tummy included my soul & mind! hehehe.... By the way, I think those cake shop selling this for about RM$5.90-RM$6.90 per slice. So, do you think you want to make your own or buy it instead? In the other hand, how often do you make your own cheese cake?
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