Sate Lilit Indonesia

Sate lilit is one of the famous cuisines in Indonesia and it's also called as Satay Bali. It looks a little different compare to those satay chicken that we commonly eat. Sate lilit is made of seafood and it's spicy. As for me, I prefer to combine both fish paste and ground chicken meat together so that I can make an extra few more sticks. Yet it still as fabulous due to the spices & spicy hot chilies in it.

Ingredients :

200gm homemade fish paste/white fish fillet
200gm ground chicken meat
100gm grated coconut/desiccated coconut
4 bird-eye chilies, roughly chopped
3 shallots, chopped finely
2 tbsp ground fresh ginger
3 kaffier lime leaves, sliced finely (optional)
2 tbsp brown sugar
1 tspn salt
1 tspn cumin powder
1 tspn turmeric powder
1 tspn crashed black peppercorn
1 tbsn vegetarian oyster sauce

* 8-10 lemongrass stalks (to use as skewer)

Method :
- combine all ingredients together and mixed well.

- clean lemongrass stalk and get them trim nicely.
- mould one or two tablespoon of the mixture around a lemongrass stalk.
(as shown as follow)

- pan fried over low heat or grill over a charcoal fire untill golden brown.
- serve warm with turmeric rice or pineapple rice.
This is absolutely a truly satisfaction recipe due to the usage of my homemade fish paste. It gives you the springy and then not too chewy texture in addition with all those fragrant spices. Of course, you can use the white fish fillet or maybe crab meat or prawns or squid but make sure everything is well blended. For better result, roughly flatten the lemongrass head before covering it with the mixture. Hope you guys will like it too! Enjoy.


  1. Love your fish paste...elastic and succulent...then combined with minced chicken meat and the local spices..what a satisfying local treat!

    All the best,

  2. looks really delicious...tasty clicks dear.

  3. I want to make this!!! Love the spices.

  4. the recipe seems to be similar of a type of food called "Sata" very popular in trengganu

  5. wow,kristy,such a great combination of flavours
    !looks so tempting!

  6. Kristy, this dish looks delicious! I am at Jakarta now, going to get this dish during my lunch or dinner :P.
    BTW, I have some awards for you, feel free to pick them up from my blog :).

  7. Delicious! Lemongrass and keffir - yum!

  8. Looks so delicious! I had tried this in a Indonesia restaurant before. Next time I can make this myself...Thanks!

  9. Wow Kristy this looks so good. I like the idea of using chicken and fish paste. Did you use red and green bird-eye chilies? I would like a bite right now! Yum!

    Have a wonderful day!

  10. This is so great. My culinary journey is truly bringing place...yours for today ;o)
    What an interedting preparation.
    These must be absolutely delicious!

    Ciao for now and flavourful wishes,

  11. how cute are those..I am definitely makin them :)

  12. Looks soo good... You're such a great cook!

  13. I did something very similar years ago but I used prawns. The original dish from Vietnam called for sugar cane but can't find sugar cane here so I replace it with lemongrass. I didn't know Indonesian have something similar. I guess we from SEA do have very similar food :)

  14. These sure looks yummy! I was surprised to read that ground chicken is used. I thought it was just fish paste. The recipe is easy. I'd love try to make this.

  15. Angie : Thank you! YEs, this is indeed a very flavourful treat.

    Jay : Thanks! Hope you'll like it too.

    Penny : Did you try this on your last trip to Bali?

    Smallkucing : I'm going to google for it and see what is this 'Sata'! Thanks alot for it, dear.

    Alison : Thank you, dear. Can you get all those spices over there in Romania?

    Jess : I'm truely honoured! Thank you so much for the awards and will hop over after this. You have a great time there in Jakarta! Have lots of fun & food as well.

    Belinda : Thank you, dear!

    Anncoo : Great & hope you will enjoy every single bite of this!

    Lyndz : I used both but I still think the green ones taste better! haha....

    Claudia : Thank you very much for your kind words. Hope you will love it too!

    JWalker : Hope you'll like every single bite of it!

    Kumi : Thank you. That's very kind of you and glad that you like it too.

    Wendy : Thank you, dear.

    Icook4fun : Yeah, I know there is something similar to this in the Vietnamese cuisine. And have to agree with you that our local cuisines are mostly all mix-up from a little bit of here & there. And that's what make it so special.

    Rosebelle : Ground chicken/minced chicken meat is tender and when mixing with the springy fish paste, it gives you the floating taste! Hope you will like it!

    Thanks everyone for stopping by and spending your time here with me. Hope you'll enjoy every single bit of this recipe and have fun with it.

    Have a wonderful day!

    Blessings, Kristy

  16. The fish paste looks amazing. The flavors have me yearning.

  17. My goodness Kristy!!! You are the third blogger I've read in one week to make me long to return to Bali! These look so appetizing, I feel like reaching through the screen!!!

  18. Kristy, you're making me drooling on this early morning!!
    you know what, I've been reading some of your past posts and feel like doing something this weekend, but there're so many recipes I dont know where to start!! :0

  19. Claudia : Thank you. Glad that you like it too! Guess, I can't send this over! hehe....

    Denise : I've never been to Bali. Probably, not so fond of beaches but I like the view. I prefer waterfalls.

    Hayley : Thank you, there. Well, you can actually start with something simple like those slices which easy & then not so bulky! All the best!

    Thank you so much for stopping by, ladies. Hope you're all enjoying your day!

    Cheers, Kristy

  20. just plain genius...I love it when the recipes around the world have different variations depending on a country...we have the kebbabs...but to put the meat on a lemongrass stalk...pure genius....don't have lemon grass stalks here but there are other vegetable stalks i could use to impress mu guests...lovely blog
    ps warmest regards from Serbia

  21. from the ingredients, I know this is sure taste good, since I have a lot of home grown lemongrass, must try to make this soon. Thanks for sharing.

  22. Very juicy and tasty! I always thought the stalks are bamboo!

  23. Made2Order : HI there, welcome to my humble little space. Regarding the sauce~ I would recommend something sweet with a little spiciness but not too strong cause I don't want to spoil the ori flavour of the meat. The meat already very flavourful & spicy. Probably, I'll post something about the sauce later on with my other seafood recipe. Thanks & hope to hear from you more often.

    Jelena : Hi, welcome to my little space and thank you so much for your nice words. Glad that you like this too. Hope to hear from you more often.

    3HTummies : Hahaha... I bet these are!

    Sonia : Thanks alo & hope you'll enjoy this with your family.

    Pigpigcorner : You tried this before?

    Thanks everyone for stopping by and hope you will enjoy this recipe. Hope you're having a wonderful day.

    Cheers, Kristy

  24. originale comme recette
    avec tout ce mélange de saveurs, elle doit être succulente
    j'aime beaucoup
    bonne journée

  25. What lovely spicing. These look and sound delicious. I love the combination of fish and chicken. I hope you are having a great day. blessings...Mary

  26. Great idea to use lemongrass for skewers! I'm going to steal that idea for some other dishes, Kristy.

    This looks wonderful; combining fish and chicken is marvelous. Super flavors!

  27. Kristy, this is really nice... I like everything with lemongrass! Thanks for sharing!^-^

    Have a wonderful and relaxing weekend!

  28. Bet these smell really good and spicy! Look at those bird eyes chillies! Can imagine the burn on the tongue:P Yummy!

  29. Your photo actually makes this look very pretty. This is something I would like to try.
    PS Please come over to my judyskitchen blog and enter my $70 giveaway. Deadline is Sunday, July 25, Midnight. Open to all.

  30. This has got to be a WOW recipe. It looks amazing.

  31. Fimere : Merci! And glad you like it too!

    Mary : Thank you and same to you.

    Barbara : Thanks alot and hope you will enjoy the recipe as well.

    Alice : Hope you will like it!

    Jeannie : The more the better! hehe....

    Judy : Thank you for the invitation! Will hop over ASAP!

    Claudia : Thanks alot, there!

    Chaya : Thank you. Hope you will like it too.

    Simply LIfe : Thank you, there.

    Thanks everyone for visiting and spending your time here with me. Hope you guys will enjoy the recipe as well.
    Hope you all having a fabulous weekend.

    Cheers, Kristy

  32. This looks so yummy! I love the lemongrass sticks. It's a great way to infuse flavor into the sate. It sure does sound good with tumeric rice or pineapple rice. Or even plain rice i think! :)

  33. Wow!! These are just like the ones I had in Bali last year! Amazing!! I really enjoyed them:)

  34. Look so delicious Kristy! Lemon grass stick make it more unique!

  35. Those look so lipsmackingly good! Wonderful flavors!



  36. This is absolutely my favorite sate. My grand mother used to make it when ever there was a Balinese festival.

  37. very very interesting recipe
    looks so delicious n yummy

  38. Hi, Kristy, have reserve some for me ah?? Oh, this make me mouth watering.


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