Kechara Salad

Kechara Salad is actually one of the vegetarian dish which originated from Kechara Oasis Vegetarian Restaurant over in Kuala Lumpur, the capital city of Malaysia. Basically, it tastes a little like our Chinese 'Yu Sang'. Mainly because they used plum sauce for the salad dressing. And here's my copycat recipe.

Ingredients :
200gm shredded cabbage/purple cabbage
100gm shredded lettuce
1 large onion
20gm carrot julienne
1/3 cup roasted crashed peanuts & cashew nuts.

Salad Dressing :

5 tbsp plum sauce
4 tbsp lemon juice
1 tspn kumquat extract/oil (or mandarin orange oil)
2 tbsp sugar
a dash of salt to taste
(mix all ingredients untill well combined)

Method :

- place all ingredients except crashed peanuts into a big mixing bowl.
- stir in the salad dressing and mix well.
- and sprinkle the top with crashed nuts just before serving.

This is a delightful & easy to make salad. Less oily which is healthier! Hope you guys will like it too. I have the main course to go along with this. So, watch out for my up coming post. See ya!

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