Purple Sweet Potato Gnocchi In Rice Wine Sauce

No doubt, it's not easy to find the purple sweet potatoes these days. I guess it's my lucky day! I found some at the wet market yesterday and used half of them making sweet soup but the sweet potato wasn't as good as what I'm expecting. Maybe because of the rainy season. It's absolutely tasteless! So, I decided to use the other half to make gnocchi. Hopefully, it turns out great.

And here's the recipe.

Ingredients for Purple Sweet Potato Gnocchi :
350gm mashed purple sweet potato
1 egg, lightly beaten
1 cup all purpose flour
a splash of olive oil
a pinch of salt

Method : Refer here. (always remember to mix everything in while the mashed potato is still warm & with enough moisture)

Ingredients for Rice Wine Sauce :
100gm chicken minced
3/4 cup rice wine (or you can use Shaoxing wine)
1 tbsp vegetarian oyster sauce
1 large onion, diced
salt & pepper to taste

*thickening : 1 tpsn corn flour + 2 tbsp water (mixed well)

Method :
(1) marinade chicken minced with sesame oil, salt & pepper.
(2) preheat frying pan with just enough cooking oil.
(3) add in chicken minced and onion, sautee untill fragrant & the chicken is roughly cooked.
(4) add in rice wine and vegetarian oyster sauce, let it bring to boil.
(5) switch to low heat, add in salt & pepper to taste.
(6) then slowly stir in the thickening and off the heat.
(7) now, add in sweet potato gnocchi and mixed well.
(8) and serve hot with some chopped cilantro or spring onion.

I have to say I have no regret at all ! I think the sweetness of the rice wine sauce goes so perfectly well with the gnocchi and the colour is speechless. The addition of greens should brighten up the whole dish but I decided to go without it. Maybe you should! Hope you guys will like it too. Enjoy!

And before ending this, I would like to thank Elin for this lovely little package. You made my day, Santa mama! ;o) I'm going to make good use to them. Thanks so much !


  1. adoi..terkejut..i thought the purpole sweet potatoes are some sort of worm or pork intestine

  2. I am very curious about the taste of gnocchi every time I come across it in a blog. I must try it one day. Yours looks so beautiful with the purple sweet potatoes.

  3. Those purple gnocci are so cute! I have never seen purple potatoes here in england though.
    *kisses* HH

  4. This sounds and looks delicious! I love gnocchi, but I have never tried one with sweet potatoes. I can nevertheless imagine that it tastes wonderful...!!!

  5. wow how unique very pretty must taste wonderful!

  6. The colour is pretty amazing. I have to try and use sweet potato to make gnocchi too!

  7. You do come up with the most interesting recipes, another one for my 'to try' list. Diane

  8. I love, love, love the color of this dish!!!

  9. Love purple sweet potatoes - and this is such a creative way to use them!

  10. How interesting. I don't think I've ever seen a purple sweet potato. You are certainly creative.

  11. Wow, that's amazing. I've never seen a purple sweet potato before and can't believe its intense color, even after cooking.

  12. Awesome! I love the flippy color of your gnocchi. A delicious dish.



  13. I have had purple potatoes but not sweet potatoes.

    Looks like a yummy dish.

  14. I've actually never even seen or heard of purple sweet potatoes, although last year was able to finally find purple cauliflower - tasted the same but looks so pretty!

  15. Purple is a really zany and fun color for gnocchi.

  16. I am loving the gorgeous color of the gnocchi that I wish I could find some purple sweet potatoes. Lovely!

  17. Well, Kristy...you're very fashionable with your exquisite looking dish. Love purple sweet potato...I've had a chance to introduce myself to it not too long ago.

    Thanks for sharing and flavourful wishes,

  18. I still haven't been able to find these purple sweeties! What pretty gnocchi they make Kristy! I would love to try them.

  19. How great that they kept such a nice color! They are super-cute!

  20. Making gnocchi is always a challenge for me. Your is fantastic and very creative with the addition of purple sweet potato :D

  21. I must try making my own gnocchi...yours look great and you have make me want to try them out:)

    You are welcome to those japanese ingredients and I know you will make magical stuff with them :))

    Merry Xmas and a Happy New Year to you and all at home,

  22. At first i also thought they are some sort of worms too! Haven't try to make gnocchi before.Must learn this seems so simple and easy to handle.

  23. oh kristy, another fantastic cooking from you and the way you rolled up is really nice!

  24. Oh I love purple sweet potato. You did an awesome job with the gnocchi. The first time I made them it was a complete disaster and they ended up in the trash.

  25. I only thought there were Purple Peruvian potatoes that taste more like a white potato, I wasn't aware that there even was a purple sweet variety. But I do love making gnocchi, whether its with white, purple or sweet potatoes!

  26. I am lucky and have found purple sweet potatoes at my local Asian shop. I added some to my Feijoada, but you can't see the wonderful color like yours. The gnocchi looks wonderful, and so interesting being purple! I have yet to make my own....it's on my list.

    Thanks so much for adding it to Tailgating Time! I was at the game and was actually there outside tailgating before the game! No pics of me though!

  27. At first glance, I thought they look like silk cocoons! ;O but they can't be purple!!! :O you are creative in the colors and flavors.

  28. Wow, i would love to give this a try. Sounds divine!

  29. Hello Kristy,

    I wanted to be sure and wish you and your family a joyous and blessed holiday season and say thank you for being a "neighbor" and sharing. See you in the New Year. ;)

  30. I love playing with the purple potatoes (although they are gone here for now). These are such festive gnocchi! Add some color to the holiday table. I wish you and yours a joyous holiday.

  31. Interesting, but these gnocchi(1st time heard of it) also looked like wriggle worm, lol!>_<

  32. Kristy, you are always so creaitve, always come out colorful and special dishes.

  33. Kat : Haha... hey, it's a trend eating worms nowadays!

    Jeannie : Yeah, I love the purple colour too. Super gorgeous!

    HH : It's not easy to find this here too. Very limited!

    Cooking Gallery : I think sweet potato & pumpkin taste better than potatoes gnocchi. More flavourful!

    Claudia : Thank you!

    Penny : I was amazed by the attractive colour too!

    Belinda : The sweet potato became tasteless during rainy season and it's best to make something flavourful out of it.

    Sam : Maybe because of the limited supply, so you don't seen them often in the market.

    Cathy : But the colour turns out differently after baking!

    Rosa : Thank you very much!

    B/Girl : Glad you like it too!

    Biz : Ya, I also think the purple couliflower is so beautiful.

    F/L & Best : Thanks! It's a great pleasure for having you here. Hope to hear from you more often.

    Bridgett : Wish you luck! & hope you will like it.

    Claudia : Normally, the sweet potato taste really good but not during the rainy season.

    Reeni : Hope you will like it! & wish you luck!

    Othelia : Thank you!

  34. Impressive! What a neat and colorful dish, and I bet it's delicious! Thanks for linking it up to Tailgating Time. I hope you'll play along again this week :-)

  35. I can get purple heirloom potatoes but not purple sweet potatoes. Are they known by another name? Your gnocchi looks so pretty...what a nice treat.


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