Baby 'Kai Lan' With Homemade XO Sauce

Did you notice that we have all kinds of imported green vegetables from China at our local market place recently? And the price is quite reasonable as well. I seldom eat 'Kai Lan' or Chinese broccoli and so is hubby. But I really wanted to give this baby 'Kai Lan' a try.

And here's what I did.

Ingredients :
300gm baby 'kai Lan'
1 tbsp chopped fresh ginger
2 shallots, sliced
1 tbsp chopped garlic
2 tbsp grounded dried shrimp/minced meat

XO Sauce Seasoning :
1 tbsp XO or Brandy
1-1/2 tbsp vegetarian oyster sauce
1 tspn light soy sauce
1/2 tbsp water
1/2 tspn cornstarch
(combine all and mix well)

Method :
(1) preheat a pot of water with 2 tbsp of cooking oil.
(2) cook baby 'kai lan' over boiling water for about one(1) mins.
(3) drained and leave aside.
(4) preheat a frying pan/wok with enough cooking oil.
(5) sautee ginger, shallots, garlic & dried shrimp/meat untill fragrant.
(6) stir in cooked baby 'kai Lan' and cook for about one(1) min.
(7) finally, add in seasoning and cook over high heat untill thickened.
(8) off the heat and serve hot.

Clean and cut baby 'Kai Lan' using the same method as cleaning wild fern shoots. Split the stem into half or even quartered them. And always remember to add in oil when cooking any green leaves in boiling water. This is to prevent or minimize clorophyll, the pigment releasing from the leaves. So that the vegetables always stay green and pretty even after cooked.

A little extra oil is alright to our body! We need good fat for essential nutrients. Try to cut down saturated fat for example animals fat or lard and butter. Yeah, I know animals lard always smell so good! Healthy living starts with healthy diet!


  1. What a wonderful healthy dish, this this the kind of thing I should be eating ;)
    *kisses* HH

  2. This looks really healthy and fresh. Love this. I can eat a big plate :D Hope you have a lovely weekend.

  3. Is there another name for these? I've had these before but never knew the name!

  4. While everybody else are crazy for CNY cookies, I would go for this greens!

  5. i like to cook this veg too, usually just stir fry with lots of garlic..the stems got a nice crunch when you bite...yours looks good, still manage to maintain the fresh green look.

  6. this is one of those "basics" but it looks so good! so satisfying and good for you too!

  7. Kristy, This looks delicious! Well done.
    Beautiful Snaps!

  8. Must get or make myself some XO sauce!

  9. Kristy, this is 1 of my favourite veggie!

  10. love that bright green!!, and you are right new year always brings out something new , i finally cooked the chinese arrowroot, tasted quite nice.Have a nice day, btw heard there were floods in johor, hope you are somewhere safe and dry

  11. Love the sauce...greens luks absolutely crisp and inviting.

  12. i eat kai lan quite a lot, i have some brandy in my time must try this. delicious looking!

  13. I had this a lot when I went home this time! My father loves it.

  14. Kai Lan is one of our fav veggie serve on our dinner table especially for HB.
    Over here in Auckland, we can get very fresh Kai Lan too, HB loves me to fried with salted fish.
    But when I fried salted fish especially during summer all the flies flock in very iritating!

  15. So green and crunchy looking! I want to tarik from the screen and makan LOL Looks fantastic!!!

  16. I could do with a plate of that. Glad to know you liked the book. Have a blast!

  17. Woo, simple and yet delicious! I alays love green and crunchy vege!

    Kristy: Happy Chinese New Year to you and ur family ya.

  18. Hi Kristy!!! I don't think I've ever seen this in my local market.

    Thank you so much for bringing it to my attention. I'll look in Wegman's when I go shopping this week.

    P.S. A very happy prosperous New Year to you and yours!!!

    P.S.P.S. I took a blogging break for a while and it's GREAT to be back!

  19. Gorgeous color!! Yummm.. Send me some, please!

  20. Love Kai Lan. Most of the times, I blanch/steam them, and enjoy munching on the stalks ;p

  21. What a wonderfully healthy dish. I'll be putting your recipe for XO sauce to good use. I hope you have a wonderful evening. Blessings...Mary

  22. I can get this at my local Asian market. She is so good at getting fresh Asian veggies in when she can. We like it. I usually just stirfry them, but your way sounds tasty! Thanks for the tip of adding oil in the water when boiling it. It does look so green!


  23. 这道菜让我想起了妈妈的味道.

  24. Yum, Kristy! We all should eat more greens and this recipe would be a great way to get people to do it!


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