Nasi Briyani Or Biryani

Actually, Biryani rice is quite similar to a pilaf. It is cooked by adding a large amount of spices, some meat and rice in one pot. But here, we called it Briyani rice; another famous rice dish of Malaysia. Our local Briyani rice is rice cooked with ghee or butter, some spices and saffron and it's cooked separately with the meat. It is very common that Malaysian serving briyani rice with Kurma Chicken and some pickled vegetables for side dish.

And here's the recipe as follow.
Ingredients for Briyani Rice : (for 6-8 persons)
3 cups long grain basmathi rice, rinsed
4 cups water
50ml corn oil
100gm butter/ghee
a pinch of salt
1 stick 2" cinnamon
2 star anise
5 cardamon pot
4 cloves
3 cloves garlic, skinned
3 shallots, skinned
* 1/2 tspn pounded saffron (add with 2 tbsp water)
handful of green raisins

Since I don't have any saffron with me. So, I'm using the little magic seasoning sent by Lyndsey. Yay.... it works like wonder!

Method :
(1) combine rice, water, garlic, shallots & salt in a cooking pot and on the switch.
(I'm using rice cooker)
(2) preheat frying pan with butter and oil.
(3) add in cinnamon stick, cloves, cardamom pods & star anise, saute untill fragrant.
(4) off the heat, pour hot oil & all the spices into the rice pot, mix well.
(5) sprinkle on the raisins & saffron mixture once the rice is cooked.
(6) keep the rice covered for 10 mins before serving.

This kind of Briyani rice easily pair with anything ~ curry, rendang, fried chicken, any stewed.... you name it! Don't just sit there and crave..... quickly make a move! And have fun!

I'm sending this to 3 Hungry Tummies & Shaz @ Muhibbah Malaysian Monday event and Lyndsey @ Tailgating Time.


  1. Kristy, the briyani looks so delicious especially pairing with your curry chicken, yum!

  2. Kristy your briyani is looking so delicious. I love Indian food myself and it's just so interesting how there are different ways to make briyani. My friend taught me the way he cooked it which is to parboil the rice first and then layer the rice and curry alternately and put it in oven for a while to cook. Yours certainly is looking so delicious. and that chicken curry is making me hungry. =)

  3. love your biryani,looks so delicious!

  4. Nice biryani :) but sorry no more brinyanis this week :)) I should do a break from biryanis at least a week :))

  5. This is one of my all-time favorites, so thank you thank you for the recipe!!

  6. It looks super yummy esp with the chicken and boiled egg! I like the briyani which is cooked with the meat in the pot too.

  7. Biryani rice is quite pricey outside compared to our normal type of nasi campur.. :)

  8. I'm impressed Kristy! You even know how to cook my favourite Nasi Briyani! It's so expensive to eat in the stall, normally cost me RM10+ with 3 side dishes!>_<

  9. really nice to eat. I like nasi beriyani

  10. I was just looking around the local food blog scene for a recipe for briyani and i encountered this post!

    I was wondering for the orange color - you know where i can get the magic seasoning too? :)

  11. I usually make indian chicken biryani but never heard of nasi biryani. i really should make this since i already know hubby and i would love it :)

  12. Beautiful! The rice is perfectly cooked. I can imagine how your house must have smelt when you were cooking this - I bet you drove your neighbours crazy with the aromas wafting out of your kitchen :D

  13. My husband will definitely like this. He's a great fan of Briyani.

  14. Looks delicious (minus the raisins!!!)

    I'm going to buy myself a rice cooker this year - another resolution to add to the list!!

  15. Carlos love Indian food and I don't think I cook enough of it for him. I like that you replaced the saffron with goya mix as it gives the briyani rice a vibrant effect. Can you get that in Malaysia?

  16. always nice to have rice on the plate and yours sound delicious esp with the chicken

  17. Jess : Ya, my family loving it too!

    Leny : Thank you! I've seen that recipe somewhere before too. A lot of work but should be very tasty.

    Alison : Thank you!

    Medeja : Haha... Ya I know, you just made this last week.

    Belinda : You're welcome. Hope you will like it too.

    Angeline : Nice to see you, dear.

    The Sudden Cook : I want to try the other Biryani recipe too! Thanks!

    Claire : Oh yes, the cheapest is around RM5/=. Only rice & one pce of chicken meat.

    Alice : Thank you very much for your kind words. Wow, so pricey in KL huh! Like eating gold.

    mamakucing : I think you can do this too! Very simple ingredients but the only problem is the saffron.

    Janine : Welcome to my humble little space. For your question, I'm not sure if you can get this kind of seasoning here. But you can try to get the saffron from any Indian shops. Or try your luck at cold storage.

    Cakewhiz : I would love to try the other recipe too. Sounds delicious as well.

    Denise : Ya, it smell terrific! Even the rice cooker smell great too after washed. haha...

    Shirley : Hope you will like this recipe.

    Brownieville Girl : I love the addition of raisins but not my kids. haha... All the best, hope you will get the rice cooker soon.

    Claudia : Thank you very much!

    Thank you all for visiting and spending your time with me today. I'm glad you all like this briyani rice too.
    Hope you are all having a fabulous day.

    Blessings, Kristy

  18. Gert : No, I can't get this kind of seasoning here. It was sent to me from Lyndsey, a dear blogger friend, all the way from US.
    Thank you for visiting. Hope you're enjoying your day.
    Cheers, Kristy

  19. Delicious, Kristy. The saffron would give it that wonderful seem to have a perfect substitution, thanks to Lyndsey.

  20. Wonderful ! Love the chicken curry more:) m not a rice person but yours looks too good to pass up.

  21. Your recipes are always so delicious. Diane

  22. looking delicious and so well presented, no one can resist this! btw, what's that purple vege on the side of the plate?

  23. Your post reminds me that I really need to try making briyani. I love it, but never made it. It would make mr p so happy if i did.
    *kisses* HH

  24. Oh yum! This looks delicious, definitely want to try it! Thanks for linking it up to Tailgating Time this week :-)

  25. un piatto molto aromatico, è da provare!
    grazie per aver condiviso la ricetta.
    a presto e felice giornata.

  26. The spices make this rice so wonderful - and then you put in that saffron and oh my that looks good!

  27. I love how you have spiced your rice, Kristy. It really looks wonderful. Now I have to find out about Kurma chicken. I hope you have a wonderful day. Blessings...Mary

  28. this looks really delicious but i am especially inspired by your wild ferns and coconut milk curry!

    happy cooking kristy! it makes me happy to come visit here!

  29. Hi Kristy! I wish I had a plate of that in front of me.... and yes I am sitting here and craving! We had 7 " on snow today so there is no going out for some of the essential ingredients! xoxo meg

  30. Kristy, what a lovely rice dish...from the ingredients in it it sure must taste so yummie...beautifully done!

  31. can open a restaurant ! You made them like those sold by the pros :)

    Happy cooking and share more with us your talent :)

  32. This is my hubby's most favourite rice when he visit to mamak store.
    Yours one really make me hungry!

  33. Oh..I need this for my breakfast now. It makes me feel at home :D You know I must have been talking about cooking briyani rice for at least a year already and still haven't cooked. What a procrastinator am I...haha. maybe I should just go to your place. I'm sure you will cook for me , right? :D Hope you have a wonderful day.

  34. Looks really good! I like the way you can make this in rice cooker!
    I will try this!

  35. Drick : Thank you very much!

    Barbara : ya, you're right!

    Jeannie : haha... how to start your diet!

    Diane : Thank you for your kind words.

    Lena : Those are Australia purple cabbage. :o)

    HH : When Mr P happy you're happy too!

    Martha : You're welcome. It's a great event.

    Betty : thank you very much, dear.

    Claudia : I love the sunshine colour too.

    Mary : You too! It's time to use up some of your saffron which fly all the way from India. :o)

    Mille : Thank you! Hope you will like it.

    Megan : More snow! Then you've to stay home and do more bakings. LOL!

    Juliana : Thanks alot for your nice words. Hope you will like it too.

    Elin : Oh wow, what a compliment. Thank you very much. That's so sweet of you.

    Wai Kitt : Can you find saffron at your living area? Where's about?

    MaryMoh : haha.... We're more or less the same. LOL!

    PlumLeaf : All the best and hope you wil like it too.

    Thanks everyone for visiting and spending your time here with me. Hope you're all having a wonderful day.

    Blessings, Kristy

  36. Kristy, sorry I'm late for the party. We were 100 miles north visiting my FIL. This plate of food look delicious! I love all the colors. How clever using the sazon seasoning in the rice. I am going to make this for sure...I have a new rice cooker...I have the sazon seasoning...good to go! I am glad everyone liked it. It was hard finding somthing different from here to send you!

    Thanks for linking it to Tailgating Time!


  37. Your briyani looks super delish! I always love your home cooking.

  38. une assiette de riz qui me semble gouteuse et délicieuse comme je les aime
    bonne soirée

  39. Delicious biryani Kristy!! Love it with the raisins!

  40. I like that you described it as similar to rice pilaf. Now it seems much more accessible and not so exotic. I'm sure it must be delicious!

  41. I absolutely love this dish, it is one of my classic Malaysian favorites other than Nasi Lemak. Looks soooo delicious!! Hungry..

  42. Wow, what an interesting seasoning. The briyani looks heavenly.


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