Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Vietnamese Fried Net Roll

I've been looking forward to make Vietnamese net wrap for a very long time but failed to find the recipe. I think god is answering my call~*sigh*. At last, I found the recipe on the latest local FLAVOURS magazine. This is darn good! But the only thing was the recipe request for hand drip the batter. I'm not so sure about the hand drip method, so I'm using a special gadget instead.

Ingredients for Hand Dripping Net Wrap:
250gm rice flour
200gm water

Hand Drip Method :
(1) stir water into rice flour with wire whisk to form a smooth batter of dripping consistency.
(2) preheat a non-stick pan with low heat and grease with little corn oil.
(3) drip your hand into the batter then working fast, drip batter in the pan smoothly.
(4) circular motions onto the pan to form a circle net.
(5) remove from pan once it sets.

Ingredients for Gadget Dripping Net Wrap :
250gm rice flour
280gm water

Method :
(1) stir water into rice flour with wire whisk to form smooth & runny batter.
(2) fill the 'Roti Jala' gadget with batter.
(3) then working fast by dripping batter over preheated greased pan, with extreme low heat.
(4) circular motions onto the pan to form a circle net.
(5) remove from pan once it sets.

Ingredients for Crab stick fillings :
5 commercial crab stick, halved
some sliced cucumber
some sliced carrot
1 sliced green apple
1 whole medium size cabbage, boiled soft

Method :
(1) wrap all ingredients with soft boiled cabbage & sealed properly.
(2) next, wrap the fillings with rice net wrap.
(3) then fry the rolls till golden brown.
(it's best to fry them 10 mins before serving)

You must be wondering why there isn't any sauce for these rolls, right! Frankly, you don't need any! Cause the fillings already have everything you need..... sweet fresh crunchy salad and nice yummy crab stick. An addition of cooked shrimp would be nice too! Wrapping the fillings with cooked cabbage is a total success. It helps to keep the fillings away from hot oil. And to stay fresh and juicy. Hope you will love it too!


Courtney said...

Wow they look Fabulous. Yummm!

Wai Kitt said...

Sound healthy food to me!Honestly i don't think i could make the net.You really have such talent!

Little Inbox said...

Hmm... it looks so good. Congrats for making the net wrap so successful.

MaryMoh said...

Kristy, you are really innovative to use the roti jala mould to make this. I bought a roti jala mould years ago and still brand new in my drawer :P These little bites look very pretty and delicious....drooling. Hope you have a wonderful day.

Food, Fun and Life in the Charente said...

Can I come and join you to taste these? The look yummy. Diane

Pegasuslegend said...

you are so talented, I wouldnt begin to know how to make these wonderful delicious creations!

FOODESSA said...

Ohh...Kristy...these are absolutely stunning. Thanks so much for putting this post together and showing how its done...your way of course ;o))
I'll have to surely give these a try...a great show-off platter.

Have a great day and flavourful wishes,

Nammi said...

Hi kristy!!, love those cute nest like pancakes. must give a try :)

Belinda @zomppa said...

Wow!! I love these! They are like little bird's nests!

Biren @ Roti n Rice said...

I've never heard of net wraps but they sure look lovely. Great as an appetizer!

Anncoo said...

Kristy! You're so good at these! Delicious and healthy :)

ICook4Fun said...

Very nice and healthy dish. You are one creative woman :)

Mary said...

These are exquisite looking. I'm really impressed. They really sound delicious. Have a great day. Blessings...Mary

Barbara said...

What a neat tool, Kristy. That must have made making these "nets" so much simpler than by hand!
This is such a great recipe. And picture perfect. (But I still think I'd like a dipping sauce!)

Kumi said...

Kristy, you're such a skilled cook!! This is amazing!

Pam said...

Yum!!!! The look and sound delicious. You are very talented!

Lyndsey said...

Kristy, it looks like you did well by the recipe! I always wanted to try making the net roti. I remember seeing many of these. Your wraps are stunning, perfect to entertain with!

Have a wonderful day!

Drick said...

this is so interesting, esp the apple in there not to mention the method of the wrap... and you are right, I was wondering about a sauce...

divya said...

looks very tempting dear....

Small Kucing said...

ooo that is interesting. I thought need special gadget to make the net.

My Little Space said...

Courtney : Welcome to my humble little space. Hope to hear from you more often.

Wai Kitt : Thank you very much! I think you can too. Just get one roti jala gadget and go for it.

Little Inbox : Thank you. I was very happy too.

MaryMoh : So, you have the gadget then you can go for it at anytime. lol!

Diane : Of course, you can! You're always welcome. :o)

Claudia : Thank you very much for your kind words. It's a good trial.

Claudia : Thank you very much for your lovely words. Glad you like it too. Enjoy!

Nammi : Nice to hear from you. Guess you've been busy huh! Hope you will like it too.

Belinda : I must practise more so that I can get better looking net.

Biren : I've seen it a few times at restaurants but not sure where they got the readymade ones. So, have to make my own.

Ann : Thank you!

Gert : Oh my, so sweet of you to say that! I'm flattered! Thank you very much. Hope you will like it too.

Mary : I'm happy I found the recipe at last and it's a good trial. I think I need to get on with the hand dripping method soon. And see how it works!

Barbara : I want to practise the hand dripping method too. Hopefully, I'll get it right soon.

Kumi : Thank you very much! I'll see you later. OK!

Pam : Hi there, thank you veyr much for your kind words. Hope you will like it too! Enjoy.

Lyndz : Oh, do you have the roti jala gadget? Curious to know.

Drick : haha.... Emmm...I'll try to come up a sauce later! OK. Do you have any suggestion?

Divya : Thank you , dear.

Thanks alot everyone for spending your time here with me. I hope you will like this recipe. Enjoy & have a fabulous day.

Cheers, Kristy

My Little Space said...

mama kucing : Roti jala gadget! One ringgit only. Hope you're having a great day too.

Blessings, Kristy

penny aka jeroxie said...

A friend just bought me a roti jala gadget! YAY! I can make this...

My Little Space said...

All the best, Penny! And have fun.
Cheers, Kristy

Suzanne said...

wow, those look quite impressive and delicious too!

Martha (MM) said...

YUM! Healthy, beautiful, and sounds delicious! I know I would never take the time to make these - do you deliver? ;-)

Thanks for linking up to Tailgating Time. Hope to see you again tomorrow!

denise @ bread expectations said...

I have the roti jala cup and I LOVE it! So easy to make but looks so impressive! I like your version of Vietnamese rolls - very pretty!!

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