Caramel Mud Cake

Yes, it's Mud cake! NO, not cake made with clay and soil.... haha.... Well, basically, Mud cake is a dessert made with dark chocolate cake and dark chocolate icing. And the cake itself has a very moist, crumbly texture which also typically dense. But now, Mud cake comes in any form and flavour. As you can see here, mine is caramel flavour mud cake.

And here's the recipe.

Ingredients :
250gm butter
1-1/2 cup brown sugar
150gm white chocolate, chopped
200ml milk
2 eggs, lightly beaten
2 cups flour
3 tspn baking powder

Method :
(1) melt butter, sugar, milk and chocolate in a saucepan without boiling it.
(2) then transfer mixture into a big bowl and cool for 15mins.
(3) stir in egg, flour & baking powder and mix well.
(4) pour batter into a 8" tray lined with parchment paper.
(5) bake at preheated oven at 165-170'c for about one(1) hour & 30mins.
(6) leave the cake cool 30mins before removing from the tray.
(7) finally, ganache with spreadable white chocolate.

It's very common to have crack top mud cake especially by using a 8" pan. So, don't worry! Just turn the cake upside down. It looks as gorgeous!
To prevent crack top : Use a 9" pan and cover the top with aluminium foil, bake for about an hour. Then remove the foil and bake for another 30mins.
Ingredient for White Chocolate ganache :
130ml heavy cream
350gm white chocolate, chopped
(bring cream to a boil in a small saucepan and pour it over the chopped chocolate, stir untill chocolate melts and keep refrigerated untill spreadable.)
Perfect colour for the perfect cake...... colour of mud.*sigh* You dare to eat! haha....


  1. Kristy the texture of your mud cake is so fine! fantastic cake!

  2. i wouldnt mind having this mud cake LOL

  3. wow this looks wonderful cut me a slice!

  4. Kristy, I baked caramel mud cake too but mine definitely dun look as good as yours. And how brilliant is too drizzle with chocolate ganache, I bet added extra flavour too!

  5. Oh, I love this with the caramel!! Not good for diet, but good for sweet tooth.

  6. it looks like the honey cake~

  7. I love your serving plate, it's adorable with good saying! The mud cake's recipe sounds pretty easy, maybe we should try this for this coming CNY!^-^

  8. Oh sweet~ My favourite ;) At least something special rather than the normal icing cakes...

  9. hey Kristy! I dare eat la.. mud or no mud.. sounds easy.. (look who's talking!)

  10. Kristy, I must try to make this but after CNY,because now busy doing cookies and cleaning. Thanks for the solution for avoid cracking on top.

  11. Jess : Thank you!

    mamakucing : Want me to FedEX over? :o)

    Rebecca : No a problem! Just wait me at the other side of the printer. lol!

    Jess : Whoa, the chocolate ganache... the more the merrier! NMost recipe they used selfraising flour for baking but I used a/p flour by adding in extra baking powder. So, the cake looks taller and lighter.

    Belinda : Ya, I know! I hope I don't have problem by the time I wanted to fit in my new year dress, 2 weeks later! ;o(

    Maya : Honey cake is very fine & soft cake!

    Claire : I bet you will! haha... You've no need to waste your energy in baking. Elin will sure send you some yummy treats soon. All you have to do is, just empty your stomach! haha....

    Thank you very much for spending your time here with me today. It's great hearing form you all.
    Hope you ladies are having a terrific day.

    Blessings, Kristy

  12. Can I come and join you for a slice? LOL Diane

  13. I like the Chocolate Mud Cake at Coffee Club. U must try when u visit S'pore.

    When can I try your baking? Love all your creations!

  14. Caramel cake.. I definitely wouldn't complain having half with tea now :)) can imagine its lovely taste..

  15. looks awesome and very soft....

  16. Nice twist! Mud cakes are so sinfully good.

  17. Mud cakes (and pies as well) are always so rich and delicious.

  18. Oh it looks amazing! I want a piece... a big one.
    *kisses* HH

  19. Love mud cake esp when it is dark chocolate. Nice with scoop of vanilla ice -cream.

  20. The oozing white chocolate ganache really caught my eye but the whole cake sounds fabulous. Lovely photos too!

  21. Caramel is a lovely change from chocolate, much as I love chocolate! My kids will go bonkers over this one as they love white chocolate :)

  22. It looks so moist and tasty. What a lovely texture. I like how you can flip it and presto perfect!

  23. Mouthwatering cake. Looks so tempting.

  24. So nom nom! the mud cake looks really moist.

  25. Interesting name bit it sure looks very delicious, especially with the chocolate icing.

  26. Name does not matter, it's the taste that counts and your cake looks moist and yummy!

  27. Looks great, I especially like the white chocolate ganache:)

  28. This cake has such a wonderful texture. I'll have to find some time to make it. I hope you are having a great day. Blessings...Mary

  29. The cake looks great too! My husband would love that white chocolate topping. :-))

  30. That is one moist cake, Kristy! Actually, you pulled me in with caramel...that always gets my attention!

  31. This looks super decadent and moist! Love it with a cup of tea, yum!

  32. Your cake looks perfect Kristy! So moist and sweet and scrumptious! Wish I had a piece.

  33. Oh, I could go for a slice of this great cake right now! It looks delicious, mouthwatering for sure!

  34. It's 5:30 a.m., but can I have a slice right now??? Please! Looks and sounds wonderful!

    Have a great weekend!

  35. What a delicious version of mud cake! White chocolate ganache is the perfect icing. I would like a nice, big slice please.

  36. Wai Kitt : Ya, can not be so greedy! Make everything in one shot. haha... Take it easy.

    Diane : Not a problem! Just help yourself. :o)

    Shirley : Haha... Shy~lah!

    Medeja : Haha...half??? Half slice or half cake?

    Jay : Thank you very much!

    Divya : Hope you will like it too!

    Ann : Glad you like it too & wlecome back from M'sia!

    Sam : Oh, do they call this as pie too?

    HH : What about a quarter??? Medeja wants half of it!*sigh*

    tigerfish : Ooo... that sounds great! I must try having it with ice-cream next time.

    Bridgett : Thanks alot! Hope you're well, dear.

    Denise : Your kids are the luckiest! They owned a Pro-cook at home. LOL.

    Lyndz : Haha... just an excuse, friend. haha...

    Nithu : Hi there, welcome to my humble little space & hope to hear from you more often.

  37. Penny : Ya, it it! I'll double up the icing next round. :P

    MaryMoh : Thank you! Errr... eating mud! ha...

    Cheah : Thank you!

    Jeannie : Ooo... that is the most fattening part. haha...

    Mary : You too!

    Angie : But white chocolate is much sweeter than dark chocolate.

    Barbara : Mmmm....Caramel is definitley really tempting huh!

    Bee : Make it two please! :o)

    Reeni : Thanks alot for your nice words and you're always welcome to have it.

    Pam : Thank you very much and nice to hear from you.

    Andrea : Oooo... you woke up early! If you don't mind, just wait me at the other side of your printer! :P

    Cathy : Oh, you're always welcome. Please help yourself!

    Thank you all for spending your time here with me. I think the cake is too small & definitelynot enough to share with all for the time being. I'll bake more next round. :o) Glad that you like it too.
    Hope you're all having a wonderful day.

    Blessings, Kristy

  38. your camouflaging style as well as your delicious version of this cake ;o)

    Ciao for now,

  39. Yum, Kristy! I've never made a caramel cake, but yours looks so great!

  40. it looks like the honey cake~ yummy~~


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