Homemade Boysenberry Marshmallow

Now, I've finally come to my homemade marshmallow. This has been in my list to do for such a long long time. I was in between go ahead to give it a try or just keeping this for a little while longer. Frankly, I have no confidence at all. I've no idea what got into me and I finally did this. It's a celebration alright!

You must be wondering where did I found those boysenberries! Well, I actually bought the frozen boysenberry 2 years ago at Cold Storage. And the expiring date is on year 2012. Yeap, and this is the right timing for it. :o)

Ingredients : (recipe adapted from here)
100ml boysenberry puree
3 tbsp gelatine
100ml water
100ml homemade syrup (not golden syrup)/corn syrup
1-1/2 cup sugar
70gm egg white
* dusting : 1/2 cup icing sugar + 1/2 cornstarch

Method :
(1) combine gelatine and boysenberry puree together, let it stand for 20mins or untill totally dissolved.
(2) stir together sugar, water and syrup into a saucepan and let them boiled untill sugar is totally dissolved, roughly about 15mins.
(3) remove hot syrup from heat and slowly pour it into the gelatine whisking along on high speed.

(4) continue beating the mixture for at least 10-15mins, the mixture should be double in volume at this point.
(5) then in another bowl, whisk egg whites untill foamy and stiff.
(6) now, combine the gelatine mixture and egg white, and continue on beating for 5 more mins.

(7) stop beating the mixture once it's thick enough to spread over the tray.
(remember to brush a 9x13" tray with butter or oil before placing in the marshmallow batter.)

(8) keep the mixture chiledl untill set before slicing it.
(mine is a bit sticky at the bottom due to improper spread of oil)

(9) finally, slice & dust the marshmallow with sugar powder mixture to prevent from sticking together.

These babies are really bouncy, not dense! Tasted & tested. Great texture! Probably, a little soft. I will try to reduce the egg white to 40gm next time. See, if there's a different. For local bakers, please do keep your homemade marshmallow to places as lowest temperature as possible to maintain the quality. So, enjoy & have fun guys!
(candy, sweets, desserts)


  1. How adorable - and what a way to add some flavor. Love it!

  2. My favorite color! but what is boysenberries?

  3. those are very pretty. They came out beautifully:0

  4. Fabulous! Now this is a marshmallow I could fall in love with.

  5. Kristy your marshmallows sound delicious...I've never made homemade ones because there is a candy shop here that makes them...they are so good...one day I will get brave and try making them.

  6. I love marshmallows but I have never tried making them..... Diane

  7. I love all your cooking and baking adventures. Reminds me that I need to be a bit more adventurous again! :)

    I LOVE the color of your marshmallows!

  8. Wow, homemade marshmallow...! You never run out of ideas making beautiful homemade goodies :D)!

  9. Wow Kristy, these look wonderful and such a fun flavor for marshmallows :)
    You really put those boysenberries to good use...
    Hope your having a great week :)

  10. How cute are these! I love that you can make your own marshmallows - and you can flavor them! Oh the possibilities!

  11. Wow, I seldom came across recipe for marshmallow! Now you make me wanna try this right away! ^^

  12. wow, this is looks great! never tried making marshmallows..what a clever idea!

  13. Oh! Homemade marshmallow...love the flavor and the color, so cute...light and fluffy. Have a great week ahead Kristy :-)

  14. Yea...I have no idea what is boysenberries either.

  15. Looks so delicious! You really go all out to cook your own food huh! Great job on this!

  16. Belinda : Yeap, I think the colour is beautiful too.

    Anncoo : Boysenberry is also quite similar to blackberry (not phone). Here's the link to the berry.

    Melissa : Hi there, welcome to my humble little space. Thank you very much for your lovely comment and glad you like this flavour too. I simply love the colour. Hope to hear from you more often. Enjoy!

    kathy : haha... it looks easy when the whole thing turned out perfectly!

    Bridgett : Glad you like it too!

    Bo : Glad you to see you around! You're lucky to have a shop nearby. I wish I have one here too.

    Diane : Maybe you should try it out one day. It's fun!

    Andrea : :o)

    Cooking Gallery : Thank you very much for your lovely comment.

    Alisha : I should have get a few more packages!

    Erin : Thank you so much!

    Hayley : All the best to you, dear.

    Jen : It's fun making your own!

    Juliana : Frankly, I have never thought of making my own. And glad you like it too.

    Little Inbox : Here's the link to boysenberries!http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Boysenberry

    Thank you all for stopping by and spending your time here with me. Hope you all will enjoy this.

    Have a fabulous day, everyone!

    Blessings, Kristy

  17. Jeannie, I'm just having fun! Hope you too.
    Have a great day, dear.
    Blessings, Kristy

  18. When we visited Nebraska, we always went to Knots Berry Farms where Boysenberry candy, pancakes, syrup annd pie were introduced to me. They were the size of my thumb and the berries were better tasting than anything else I have ever had... these are so intriguing to me.. the taste must be light and subtle with my fav flavor! nice job!

  19. 你真的很歷害,沒什麼可以難倒你哦,這個顏色真美;)

  20. tu les as réussis bravo
    à bientôt

  21. I love boysenberries, and boysenberry jam is one of my favorites. Someone once said to me oh, that's a Michigan thing...(I didn't know that) :D I saw a video on making marshmallows with agave nector and thought I would like to try that, but my daughter doesn't like marshmallows. I never thought to make flavored marshmallows...I would love these and who cares if nobody else in my family does...more for me! haha!

  22. OOo, those sound really delicious. And what a creative flavor for marshmallows.

  23. These marshmallows are fantastic all for the fact that there is no artificial colour in them!

    I'm always a big fan of yours when it comes to your cooking with all natural ingredients!

  24. Looks awesome,mouthwatering here..

  25. Kristy, you're indeed a talented cook! Boysenberries are new to me too. Those colours are enough to drive me crazy. Ok, enough said. Send some over pleeeeeeese!

  26. I specifically remember the first time I came to know about boysenberries was when I just relocated to States. There's one occasion when I went hiking with some friends, we came across this tall spiky bush and it was covered with this dark purplish berries. Our friends said it's boysenberries and we all started tasting them! Although a little on the sourish side, it was very tasty and juicy! Love that soft and squishy boysenberry marshmallow you made! The colour is just so sweet! Thanks for the recipe and the memories! ;)

  27. I want to make my own marshmallowsss

  28. Claudia : You make me so wanna go for a visit! I bet you're enjoying it so much.

    Blue wale : Thanks! xie xie! arigato! Merci! Gracis!.....

    Fimere : Merci,

    Lyndz : You know what, I am so regret for not buying an extra packet! hahaha... It's all too late. Btw, I'm going to visit my younger brother tomorrow. Hopefully, I'll find something interesting there. hehe... You better give yourself a really good treat! Who knows, Maranda will like it too. Have fun!

    Indie : Thanks alot!

    Zoe : Yeah, I'm trying very hard not to use artificial colouring in my cooking. I am sad when I used the blue in my pulut tai-tai!

    Divya : thanks so much and glad you like it too!

    Shirley : I thought it's quite common in s'pore. I saw it at the frozen dept before. Lady, you're just so lucky!

    Bee : Glad the berry brought you back to so much wonderful memories. Me too! I went berries picking in NZ (20 years ago)and I even climbed up to the plum tree. Trying to shake the tree! hahaha.... Very naughty right!

    Penny : All the best girl! Have fun!

    Thanks so much everyone for visiting. Hope you'll love what I'm having here today. Enjoy & have lots of fun!

    Hope you're all having a wonderful day and also happy school holiday!

    Blessings, Kristy

  29. Fimere : Merci, je suis heureux de vous aime trop! Avoir un grand jour, mon cher.


  30. kristy, now i feel so paiseh..what is boysenberry? are they like blueberies?

  31. Kristy, I totally forgot about butterscotch chips, hehehe..must start to look in nearby supermarket. Wow , this look too good, like store bought.

  32. Boysenberry...that's new to me. I love those homemade pinky/purple marshmallows.


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