Homemade Boysenberry Marshmallow

Now, I've finally come to my homemade marshmallow. This has been in my list to do for such a long long time. I was in between go ahead to give it a try or just keeping this for a little while longer. Frankly, I have no confidence at all. I've no idea what got into me and I finally did this. It's a celebration alright!

You must be wondering where did I found those boysenberries! Well, I actually bought the frozen boysenberry 2 years ago at Cold Storage. And the expiring date is on year 2012. Yeap, and this is the right timing for it. :o)

Ingredients : (recipe adapted from here)
100ml boysenberry puree
3 tbsp gelatine
100ml water
100ml homemade syrup (not golden syrup)/corn syrup
1-1/2 cup sugar
70gm egg white
* dusting : 1/2 cup icing sugar + 1/2 cornstarch

Method :
(1) combine gelatine and boysenberry puree together, let it stand for 20mins or untill totally dissolved.
(2) stir together sugar, water and syrup into a saucepan and let them boiled untill sugar is totally dissolved, roughly about 15mins.
(3) remove hot syrup from heat and slowly pour it into the gelatine whisking along on high speed.

(4) continue beating the mixture for at least 10-15mins, the mixture should be double in volume at this point.
(5) then in another bowl, whisk egg whites untill foamy and stiff.
(6) now, combine the gelatine mixture and egg white, and continue on beating for 5 more mins.

(7) stop beating the mixture once it's thick enough to spread over the tray.
(remember to brush a 9x13" tray with butter or oil before placing in the marshmallow batter.)

(8) keep the mixture chiledl untill set before slicing it.
(mine is a bit sticky at the bottom due to improper spread of oil)

(9) finally, slice & dust the marshmallow with sugar powder mixture to prevent from sticking together.

These babies are really bouncy, not dense! Tasted & tested. Great texture! Probably, a little soft. I will try to reduce the egg white to 40gm next time. See, if there's a different. For local bakers, please do keep your homemade marshmallow to places as lowest temperature as possible to maintain the quality. So, enjoy & have fun guys!
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