Homemade Guava & Apple Jam

You know what is the good thing living in a small town. The people here are so friendly and kind. They are good people. They don't like wasting and the best thing is to share. So usually, friends from all over will send in all sort of fresh fruits and pesticide free vegetables every weeks for free.....Yeap, much better than CSA services.*sigh* hehe... I'm lucky to have friends like them. So, in return I usually giving away baked goods. And this week I received a big bag of fresh guava. In the past, I have no idea what to do with them...so I just ended up gave them away to neighbours. Guess what??? After making this jam, I'm not going to give those guava away anymore. OMG, they taste heavenly after making into jam.

Lately my mom is really addicted to homemade jam. After testing my homemade lemon marmalade & pineapple jam, she's actually expecting more jams coming up from me. She said homemade jam tastes so much better. So, I'm sure she's going to love this desperately too.

Here's what I did.

Ingredients :
8 cups guava, diced
2 cups green apple, diced
2-1/2 cups sugar
1 lemon rind & juice
4 cups water

Method :
(1) combine all ingredients into a big pot and bring it to boil.
(2) let it boil for about 30 minutes over high heat.
(3) then bring it to medium heat and slightly mashed the fruits or you may use the electrical food blender if preferably smoother texture.

(4) then continue on boiling it over medium heat for another 30 minutes. You will notice a layer of bubbles on the surface. Those are pectin which produced by the green apples & lemon. It helps to gel the fruits.
*green apples, lemon and berries are good source of natural citric acid. It's best to use as gelling agent in jam making. Or you may use the commercial pectin or citric acid from the store.

(5) keep on boiling the mixture till thickened. You may refer here for further info, how to test the jam.
(6) off the heat once it's done and fill jam into bottles & seal immediately. You may also refer here for sealing tips.
*a well sealed jam can be kept for 2 years.

My mom like it chunky and so am I. I bet this will satisfy her crave for sure. Hope you guys will like it too. Have fun!
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  1. I just picked up a pineapple this morning to make your pineapple jam! Apple and guava...I never would of thought to combine the two. Sounds good, your mom will be very happy! I'm getting my jars ready!
    We have the same thing around here with all the fruit that grows year round in Florida, and if you have your own tree, like citrus, avocado or mango (except for the squirrels) you can never use all the fruit. Plus the less you have to clean up out of your yard when it starts to drop heheh!

    Have a wonderful day Kristy!

  2. always full of surprises coming to your blog! i guess we have to make this ourselves if we want to enjoy this, we just cant get this from outside!

  3. I wish I can easily find guava here. It would be nice to make guava jam in your own kitchen. Perhaps, you can send some to CA?

  4. guava...sounds so exotic,i never ate.i will write you back next week ,my darling kristy!:)

  5. Haven't had or seen guava for ages!!! The jam looks marvelous!

  6. I havent had guava since Hawaii that was in 2002 I am so craving this with such great combinations!

  7. Like you, my daughter is the jamin' one in our family. I'll have to pass this intriguing recipe on over to her. Perhaps, we mothers prefer our daughter's jams over store bought because we know they are made to order and jammed packed with love!!!

    Thanks for sharing, Kristy...

  8. Seriously am drooling over here, yummy jam..

  9. I love this type of guava. Pity I don't see it much here anymore and I would have never thought to pair it with guava-yum

  10. wow..this is first time i seen and heard of guava jam.. guave is full of nutrients too!

  11. OMG I need to visit your blog more often, your recipes are just amazing, I loved your apple guava jam, I love the idea of softening the guava's flavour with the apples, great idea! big hugs from Chile

  12. Interesting combination. Tried apple jam but not with guava? Curious - how does it taste? Sourish?

  13. Oh dear, Kristy, you just started my craving for guava. Wonder how many years I have not eaten. I would rather eat the guava as it is rather than make into jam. But then your jam looks sooooo good! I think I will eat the guava and go to you for the jam :P Please take care and hope all things are going on well on our side.

  14. c'est parfait pour être tartiné au petit déjeuner, un pur bonheur
    bonne journée

  15. Kristy...I salute you..you are such a innovative person. Each time I drop by I see something different. Well done..it must be tasty :)

    You too have a great weekend..I am going to KL this weekend to see my kids...like the saying goes " the mountain go to Mohamad " LOL!

  16. 这个口味的果酱很特别喔,我好喜欢,可惜我家没人吃果酱,不然我一定学你弄一大罐:P

  17. Hi Kristy! I'm back just to thank your visit and compliments, happy to hear you enjoy my other blog, I you ever want a translation of my recipes or just chat, please don't hesitate to mail me (my mail is in my profile). I wish I could download the translator for the recipe blog, but I tried and it was a mess, I'll try again some time! let's keep in touch! OH, I loved your pineapple jam!

  18. How nice...I love good neighbors =)This sounds like a delicious Jam and a fantastic use for guavas!

  19. I love m,ake jam! This look awesome Kristy, xgloria

  20. What a wonderful thing to have in the house, homemade jam. This sounds delicious.
    *kisses* HH

  21. bagusnya kristy..anda tersangatlah rajin:)..pasti ada saja resepi yng baru dan sangat menarik dalam blog kristy ni.tak terfikir jambu batu boleh buat Jem..Cm pasti akan mencubanya:)

  22. I get my delicious bread spread Kristy!

  23. Guava with apple, sound interesting. Looks delicious.

  24. Je n'ai encore jamais cuisiné le goyave. Une recette à essayer.
    A très bientôt.

  25. Now that jam looks delicious and I bet it is. I was given a jar of homemade guava jam once and it was unpleasant - over cooked like toffee but not tasting nearly as nice. You have now restored my faith in guavas.

  26. Kristy, this looks wonderful! You are so creative in the kitchen. : )

  27. I'm addicted to homemade jam too! And my Dad loves quava jam - he would love this! So unique.

  28. Kristy
    I don't mind being your neighbour as well .... can poslaju some over?

  29. I've never had a guava, but the jam sounds amazing. I'm sure I'd love it too.

  30. So great to have such great neighbors - and what a treat!

  31. Only back in asia can we have guava jam. It is way too exxy to make them here.

  32. Lyndz : Hope you'll like the pineapple jam! I think I prefer this guava jam. It tastes really refreshing compare to any other jam. And it's really addictive as well. But you're luckier cause you've all kinds of trees planting around your house & you can have the fruits for free anytime you want. :o)

    Lena : Thanks! You've tried making the guava paste before, so you might as well try guava jam. I would recommend it to everyone.

    Emily : Thank you,dear!

    Elra : Errr... I'll try! But can'
    t promise you! hehe...

    Alison : Looking forward hearing from you. Have fun!

    Angie : Yeap, it is! And I'm glad I tried it out.

    Claudia : Thank you! That is a very long time. I hope I can share some with you.

    Louise : It's all because it cooks with LOVE!

    divya : Thank you very much,dear! I'm glad you like it too.

    WTS : Hi there, glad to hear from you. Yeah, I know it's pretty expensive in US & you can hardly find them.

    Sonia : Thank you!

    Yummylittlecooks : Yeap, you're right!

    Claire : Are you salivating???? hehe....

    Pamela : Hi, wlecome to my humble little space. Hope you'll like it here & would love to hear from you more often.

    Mary : Too bad, you've missed this fruit the last time you were back to visit your parents.

    Fimere : Merci, dear.

    Elin : Enjoy your trip wiht your kids! And thanks for your kind words. I am really appreciate it. Happy weekend.

  33. 鱼鱼 :谢谢!

    Pamela : YOu're welcome! Looking forward hearing from you more often.

    Girlichef : Hi, welcome to my humble little space. Glad you like the jam too. Hope to hear from you more often.

    Gloria : Thank you very much for your lovely words. And you're willing to spend some time here. Hope to hear from you more often.

    HH : How I wish we can have this together with some scones & biscuits and with a cup of tea!:o)

    CM : Thanks so much for your kind words. Glad you like it too. Enjoy & have fun!

    Sutapa : I bet you will! Enjoy, girl!

    Amelia : Hope you'll like it too!

    Nadji : Hope you'll like it, dear. And gla dto hear from you.

    Choclette : Oh I'm so sorry to hear that. Hope you'll like this recipe. Enjoy & have fun!

    Trix : Thanks so much! Glad you like it too.

    Reeni : Hopefully your dad will love it too!

    Cheah : Hopefully, I'll be able to make more in the future to share with others. But the problem is I'm lack of bottles! It's really expensive to get the new ones.

    Barbara : Hope you'll get to taste it some day!

    Belinda : Yeah, they are! And they just sent in some more guavas, longbeans & sweet potato leaves today.

    Penny : Yeah, I know! So, next time remember to try this out when you're back in S'pore!

    Thank you very much everyone for spending your time here. I'm glad you all love this recipe. Hopefully, you'll all get to try this some day.

    Hope you're all having a fabulous weekend.

    Blessings, Kristy


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