Curry Sweet Potato Bun

It has been a while since I last make some bread. Life has been pretty hectic lately. My kids are showing me unhappy faces when I brought home store bought breads for the past couple of weeks. :( So, I ended up spending my weekend making breads.

Ingredients for Bread Dough :
200gm bread flour
250gm all purpose flour
1 tbsp milk powder
100gm sugar
1 tspn salt
2 tspn yeast
1 egg
180gm water
60gm cold butter
Gelatinised dough

Method : Please refer here. Then bake at preheated over 190-200'C for about 20mins or untill brown. Once it's done, remove tray from oven and brush on the melted apricot jam or honey.

Ingredients for Curry Sweet Potatoes fillings :
Please refer here. (Omit the meat if prefer)

I think these should feed them well ! I love the combination myself. I think it's really tasty with just limited ingredients. And it's low budget & healthy food to feed the whole family.

That's all I can say "nothing beat homemade food" !
I'm sending this to the following :
(1) 3 Hungry Tummies @ Muhibbah Malaysian Monday
(2) Jasmine @ Aspiring Bakers #8 Bread Seduction
(3) Chaya & April @ Meatless Monday.
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  1. You're a real expert at making buns and cakes! Another fabulous job, Kristy :)!!

  2. Kristy, the curry bun look so nice and delicious. Please past me two for my morning breakfast :)

  3. These sweet potato buns look amazing!! I love them! gloria

  4. Dear Kristy! As I read you I could hear my own kids complaining when I came up with some market dough or bread. This buns are just lovely! Never heard of this sweet potato filling, sounds great! big hugs

  5. Your family is so lucky!!! These buns look amazing!

  6. my weakness is breads and this would be on the top of my list to try looks good!

  7. Sounds like you spoil your kids! I know I do! Does your daughter bake? or like to cook? Everyone always asks my daughter if she cooks because I like to. These look amazing Kristy, I want to take a bite right off my screen! Don't we always seem to have hectic lives? Take care,

  8. Kristy, can I have some for breakfast now? Looks so delicious.....

  9. I love the sound of that sweet potato filling. I can imagine your kids were thrilled when you made these beautiful buns for them. You have the gift for baking bread, Kristy.

  10. I prefer sweet potatoes than the normal potatoes anytime.. too bad they are not for sale.. sigh..

  11. wow so tempting !! looks so wonderful !!

  12. your curry buns looks so shiny and yummy!

  13. yum yum...make bigger one and stuff chicken meat inside then become the Lukut Curry Chicken bun...

  14. yes, nothing beat the homemade buns, fresh and yummy. Ya, about cake divider, let me know if you want me to buy.

  15. Looks scrumptious! Love curry in buns. Interestingly, my boys love mild curry too. I think it's time to try this out for them! 

  16. These are so cute and I bet they are delicious too. I love curry buns and should try soon. Thanks for sharing.


  17. Yes, I too have not been baking as much as I used to...must cut down otherwise will be too fat:P These looks so delicious!

  18. cute little round bun and the sweet potatoes filling looks good.

  19. 我喜欢你把表层抹得亮亮地:P

  20. These seem pretty easy to make and they look yummy... A great combination :)

  21. do your kids really get upset when you buy bread from outside? this proves that mummy 's bread is so goood, nothing can beat mummy's bakes!

  22. You are such a talented baker---these look delicious, and are so eye-appealing. I'm sure your children were very very happy!

  23. Cooking gallery : Thank you very much for your kind words. Very sweet of you.

    Ann : haha... do you think they'll pass the Customs' dogs??? hehe....

    Gloria : thanks! I'm glad you like it too.

    Pamela : Thank you so much for your kind words. Hope you'll like it too.

    Andrea : Thanks! I know you're a busy momsie & don't bake often. Hope you'll be able to try it out someday. :o)

    Claudia : Hope you'll like it too!

    Lyndz : Errr... my kids do cook their own instant noodles very often. But the last time I saw my girl made her spaghetti was her school project! haha... Well, so far so good, at least she didn't burnt the sauce. haha...

    Cheah : haha... too bad git's all gone!

    Cathy : Oh wow, what a compliment. thank you very much! Glad you like it too.

    Claire : haha... yeah, I myself prefer sweet potato fillings too. More flavourful, right!

    Divya : Thank you so much!

  24. Rebecca : haha.... yes, they do!

    Fong : Hi there, welcome to my humble little space. Hope to hear from you more often.

    Kathy : I have some minced chicken meat cooked with the sweet potato. I don't like it chunkly!

    Sonia : Wow, so kind of you! Will write to you soon.

    Shaz : Hope your family will like it too!

    Amy : You're welcome. Hope you'll like it too!

    Jeannie : haha... You're so funny! In fact, bread do make us fat.

    Amelia : Thank you!

    鱼鱼 : I'm glad you like it too!

    Serorita : Hi there, welcome to my little space. Hope you'll like it here and do hope to hear from you more often.

    lena : Yeap, they said it's boring eating outside bread.

    Nancy : Thank you very much for your lovely words. I am really appreciate it. Do hope you'll like it too.

    Thank you everyone for visiting and spending your time here. Hope you're all having a great time and enjoy the recipe.

    Have a fabulous week ahead, everyone!

    Blessings, Kristy

  25. Oh Kristy, those are perfect little gems! You make the best rolls! I love the curry stuffing.

  26. Exquita receta crhisty es maravillosa,el relleno perfecto y muy original,carisos querida crhisty ,buena semana para tí.

  27. These buns looks really good

  28. Absolutely..."nothing beat homemade food" These buns look very delicious.

  29. Wish u good luck ya. Just love the filling...must be good!

  30. The bun looks like Tambun 'tau sah pia', LOL.
    But I bet they taste heavenly good!

  31. Poor mummy! You must be super tired too. Take care.

  32. Kristy, those bread buns have turned out wonderful as usual and having a weakness for bread...I'll have two please ;o)

    Have a wonderful week and flavourful wishes.
    Ciao for now,

  33. Wow...curry buns. I have not eaten these for many, many years. I should be making these as I love curries. But then, so lazy. Well, not really...just no patience to wait for the bread to rise and proof...hmmm. I need to build up my patience :P Hope you have a wonderful day.

  34. Wah! You can bake this.. I LOVE this. Always get it from the chinese cakeshop here.

  35. What a brilliant idea of packing the curry within a bun... I'll have to try this...wonderful space...I'll be back for more..


  36. Gosh~!! These are so beautiful! At 1st glance I thought it was Tau Sa Pia, those Penang and Ipoh famous little morsels!

  37. Oh these look soooo good! I can't wait to make you.

  38. che belli questi piccoli panini, i tuoi figli saranno stati davvero molto felici di ciò ;-)
    brava come sempre, ricette belle ed originali.
    un grande abbraccio.

  39. Oh goodness, these are wonderful! Fresh bread is always a delight, but stuffed bread even better :)

  40. Wow, these sound so cool! I love all your bun recipes!

  41. Oh, yummy!!! They look so soft and delicious!

  42. This is amazing. I love everything y ou do.

    This is being featured tomorrow at My Meatless MOnday. Drop by and take a look.


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