Mixed Fruits Roselle Tea

Time flies so quickly! School holiday has finally come to an end. I'm glad I spent a short vacation at my younger brother's place on last Friday with my kids. My parents and two other younger brothers were there too. We spent most of our time eating and catching up. It was great!

My SIL took us strolling around the night market at Setia Alam. It's the largest night market in town. There are loads of food and great stuffs selling there. And I've brought home some really nice stuffs with me. For instant, this dried mixed fruits roselle which contains of dried apricot, almond, blueberry, kamquet, roselle & chamomile. And it's perfect for tea making. This kind of drinking tea is good to chill down, cough relief, bowel problem and keep us relax. Other than that it may also helps in many way. Click here for more.

Further information you may also click as follow:
For dried apricot,
For almond,
For blueberry,
For roselle,
For Chamomile

Besides of that, the colour of the tea is really attractive. I added in a tablespoon of honey for additional flavour and you can even chew on the fruits. They're really delish with assorted flavours.

Before ending this post, I would like to thank the following blogger buddies for passing me these wonderful awards. It's an honour and I am really appreciate for thinking of me. They are Pam & Elin.

Thank you very much, Pam! Pam is such a lovely lady. Her kitchen is packed with loads of great home cook meal. And her first grandchild just arrived a few months ago. Do hop over to check her out!

And thanks a lot, Elin! Elin is a very friendly & busy working momsie but still be able to cook & bake quite often. Hat off, my dear! So, do check out her beautiful blog as well.
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  1. I wonder how the tea taste like, with little honey should add more sweetness and flavour to it, kid might like it too..

  2. Ooo! I bet that tea is so refreshing!

  3. this really caught my eye being Roselle and that spelling is correct for me... is my middle name! lol

  4. It's crazy about time, isn't it? What a lovely tea...and Claudia - lovely name!

  5. You are back! Glad to hear that you had fun! The tea sounds really good, lots of lovely ingredients!

  6. You rich and exquisite natural teas that help health, congratulations on your award you deserve a lot of you are great in the kitchen, thank you very much for nominating me, with love I receive, I will put in the ricón of affection, very friendly hugs.

  7. lovely tea so pleased you had fun with your family we are all doing well baby due in August not long now hugs Rebecca

  8. That looks delicious! Beautiful pics and presentation..

  9. Thank you so much Kristy! I'm honoured by the award! You have made my day!

    I also love the sound of the tea you found, so healthy and delicious. Thank you for sharing it. The night market sounds really interesting, and a great place to find wonderful things.

    Thank you again for the lovely award!

  10. Hi Kristy, I am VERY excited and honored to be awarded. Thanks so much!

    Congrats on your award!

  11. Any time spent with family is the most precious. :) Glad you had a nice short vacation. This tea sounds delicious and flavorful, I really want to try it.

    Congratulations on your awards and Thank you so much for passing them to me! I'm honored and thrilled to receive them from you. Please take care and I look forward to your future posts.


  12. Wish I can have a glass now with lots of ice in it. We are having the 3rd day of heatwave here. I tried look for some dried Roselle the last time I went home but can't seems to find any. Hope I can get some the next time I am home.

  13. Wow thank you so much for the awards! I'm so honored :D And congrats on receiving them yourself!

    I love that you made your own tea. We have a tea shop in town that sells bulk teas with dried fruit in them and they are so yummy :D I've always wanted to make my own but I've never tried.

  14. This is another great way of enjoying dried fruits, and lovely with the addition of honey.
    Thanks for the award. As you said, I do appreciate your thinking of me.

  15. This looks like a very refreshing drink to have on a hot day! Agreed the color looks amazing! Congrats on your award!

  16. Thank you for the award, you are too sweet :) The tea sounds wonderful!

  17. 谢谢你的奖啊,谢谢你:)

  18. Kristy, thanks very much for the award! I would love to try that tea :)

  19. So happy that you had a great time with family...it's always the best! This tea is perfect for me, I love all the real dried fruit to give it a "punch" of flavor (pun intended) Hehe! I am so enoying my fleur de jamaica tea this summer...so refreshing. I'll move on to your blend next...mmmm!

    XOXO, Lyndsey

  20. I saw dried Roselle selling at some Chinese medical shop but I've not tried roselle tea before. I think it is good for making jelly too ;))

  21. Agnes : Hi there, welcome to my humble little space. Hope you'll like it here. Would love to hear from you more often.

    Emily : Thanks!

    Claudia : Hello...hello... Claudia Roselle!

    Belinda : It's a very relaxing tea.

    Ann : Yeap, it's my first time trying it and it's quite addictive.

    Rosita : You're welcome. You deserved it.

    Rebecca : OMG, congratulations sweetie! Oh my...is it a boy or a girl this round? I'm so excited for you.

    Divya : Thank you very much!

    April : You're welcome! You're most deserved it.

    Christine : You're welcome. Have fun!

  22. Amy : You're welcome! Looking forward for sharing more interesting stuffs.

    Gert : Here is raining but luckily no fload. She can search at the Chinese medical hall next time you come back or pasar malam. There's more choices at pasar malam actually.

    Heidi : Thank you for stopping by. I'm glad you have this kind of tea available there too.

    Kathy : Thanks!

    TasteHK : You're most welcome. Glad you like the tea too.

    Jeannie : Thanks alot!

    Julie : Thanks!

    Blue Wale : Poor girl! Do take care.

    Jen : Hope you'll lke it too!

    Lyndz : So excited. Looking forward to your tea ingredients!

    Elra : Yes, indeed! Thanks.

    Anncoo : I like the aroma very much! I think it's good for anything.

    Thank you everyone for spending your weekend here with me. It's such a great honoured for having you here to join in the fun.

    Hope you're all having a terrific weekend.

    Blessings, Kristy

  23. I bet that's yummy! Thanks for bringing it over for the beach party - it's so nice that you've also shared some of what's been going on in your life lately. Have a wonderful week :-)

  24. PS - Congrats on your award :-)

  25. Your mixed fruits roselle tea sounds very refreshing. A tablespoon of honey would be really nice :)

    Congrats on your award, Kristy! Very well deserving indeed! Thank you so much for passing it on to me. Big hugs to you...Biren

  26. The tea looks outstanding. I like dried fruits and in tea, I can o nly imagine.

  27. I had this but I candied it. It is also rather expensive here to get.

  28. i think this would be really nice to take before i go to bed..have been having tummy upset for the past few days..aargh!

  29. Thanks Kristy for passing on the awards to me. I'm so honored to receive these.

    This tea is so beautiful to serve. I love this idea.

  30. Martha : Great to see you! Will try to submit more entries next week. Thanks so much for including me.

    Biren : Can even sing better after taken this drink. Believe me or not? haha.... NA....

    Chaya : Great to hear from you, dear. There's no signal of new post after the blog constructions weeks ago.

    Penny : You candied them but they're already very tasty & sweet!

    Lena : Hope you'll get well soon, dear. Do take care.

    Zoe : Hope you will like it too.

    Thanks ladies for spending your time here with me. It's always a great honored to have you all visiting. Hope you'll have a great day.

    Blessings, kristy

  31. I living at Setia Alam, you should cari saya and we go jalan jalan pasar malam, hahaha.,

  32. Indeed a lovely looking tea, Kristy. It sounds like a cup of refreshing sweet nectar.

    Congratulations on your awards and thank you for bestowing such an honor to me. You are as sweet as that tea:)

    Thank you so much for sharing...

  33. Awww.. so sweet of you! Sorry for picking this late. My days have been nothing but crazy crazy crazy!!

    Thank you for the award and thinking of me. I'm both touched and happy to receive them! :D



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