Sweet Plum Yoghurt Scones

Well, first of all, I would like to apologize to all my readers for being missing for almost a week time without a single note. Have been extremely busy with some personal stuffs and also just celebrated the Chinese Ghost Festival yesterday. As this year, I have no time to prepare food like I used to...for the prayer. I bought most of it. I only prepared  Hakka Yong Tofu, White cut chicken, agar-agar & steamed sago kuih. Hubby has invited a few friends over to help me finish off the food before heading off for his fishing trip. So finally, I have time of my own again. lol.haha..... And have made something out of my oven this morning. I am actually enjoying it now with a cup of coffee infront of my computer. Phewww.... super relaxing!

Ingredients :
1-3/4 cup  all purpose flour
3 tbsp  rice flour
1-1/2 tspn   baking powder
1-1/2 tspn   baking soda
1/2 tspn  salt
60gm  cold  butter, chopped
220ml  yogurt
1 cup  fresh sweet plum, diced

*extra yogurt & sugar for topping.

Method :
(1) combine all flour, baking powder, baking soda, sugar and salt into a big mixing, stir well.
(2) add in cold butter and rub till everything well mix.
(3) now, stir in yogurt & sweet plum to form a soft dough
(4) shape dough into a ball shape then cut into sizes as desired.
(5) brush top with yogurt and then sprinkle on sugar.
(6) finally, bake at preheated oven 200-210'C for about 20 mins or till brown.

Since all the Muslims around the world are going to celebrate Raya (Eid ul-Fitr) tomorrow, I am here to wish all 'SELAMAT HARI RAYA'. Enjoy & have a wonderful time.


  1. Another wonderful creation Kristy!
    I hope you are going fine wish you and all your loved ones very very happy Raya (Eid ul-Fitr)!
    May God shower all his lovely blessings!
    Your friend always!

  2. Looks so soft and fluffy! Would ove this with a good cup of tea and some jam and butter!

  3. My kind of breakfast!! Gorgeous scone.

  4. I would love to have a piece of your scones, looks so moist!

  5. Wow wow, another wonderful new recipe! I was thinking of making blueberry scones tomorrow, but so old school, hahaha! Love how tall and moist your scones turned out...beautiful. :))

  6. I haven't tried scones with yoghurt. How cool! Seems u're still always busy with baking. Have a lovely weekend, dear! It's good to be here again!

  7. This scones look so good! Yogurt and plum sounds great!

  8. Fresh sweet plums? I want to try some

  9. You make the best baked goods love plums this sounds wonderful.. hope your having an awesome year.. so far!

  10. Can I have some please. I always like scones especially during weekends. I like to idea of adding yogurt to it.

  11. Scones! Yum - haven't had them in a while ...yours looks great!

  12. He encanta tu creación especial para un rico desayuno,abrazos hugs,hugs.

  13. This scones very special, made from yogurt and i like it :)

  14. Kristy, I love those scones with fresh plums! Must be extra moist and delicious.

  15. Kristy, I love the topping, looks so inviting.

  16. Kristy:
    Scones was the first bread type of bakery I started with before challenge myself into bread making. Thanks for the idea of using yogurt will def try it.

  17. looks very good and also i like the a little charred on the scones. you are early to celebrate the ghost festival :)

  18. how much sugar??? you dont have it listed.im just going to put in 3 tablespoons

  19. Hi onesky1destiny, I didn't add in any sugar to my ingredients but only sprinkle it on to the top of my scone. Thanks for your concern. You can actually add in some sugar as desire but I am fine with it cause the yogurt already flavoured it well enough even without sugar added in.
    Enjoy & have a great day.

  20. love recipes with yogurt.
    Looks very tasty.
    Big fan of tastefull and healthy nutrition recipes


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