Cuti-cuti Malaysia ~ Penang

My latest visit to Penang Kek Lok Si temple after 17 years. My last visit was when my boy is 6 months old and now he's already 17. Penang has changed so much. I can't even recognised the temple any more. This huge Bodhisattva is completed in year 2002 and it is built on the hill top of Kek Lok Si temple. Very impressive !

This is how it looks at the lower part of the Bodhisattva, still under renovation.

I'm not sure what this bronze statue called as  The whole thing looks absolutely gorgeous.

It was said that there are 10,000 buddha here in this temple More info here.

   This is Cundi Bodhisattvamore info here.

Now, here is Hean Boo Thean floating temple which is located at Noordin Street Ghaut, Weld Quay area.  The surrounding is quite similar to Pulau Ketam. More exciting view from here & here.

Now, here is the treasure behind the temple. Some of the headgears of the Deities collection. Simply stunning !

Here we are at the Armenian Street, George Town, Penang. It was really crowded along the street especially at a few famous wall art spots.

This descinated wall art located just infront of a Chinese pastry shop, which is selling delicious crispy egg tart and all kinds of 'mung bean' pastry.

Another famous spot

This is one of my favourite catch of the day. This wall art hiding inside a Cendol House along Armenian Street.  Not many of them noticed it cause it looks so real.

Simple and yet cute.

This is the most famous from many of them which was painted by Ernest Zacharevic, a Lithuanian artist..  People are queueing up to take pictures with it. No worried, its free of charge.

This is another gorgeous one but too bad the colour is fading off. Not bad huh ! We managed to visit a few places within five hours and even have time to 'makan-makan' (eat) around in three different places.
I would like to wish all my readers a very Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year.
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