Fried Taro Kuih

A friend of honour bought me a gigantic taro one week ago. I used half a kilo of it to make savory steamed taro cake a few days back for our evening meet up and then here's the leftover. Since they can't get this kind of kuih easily in the evening,  I came out with another favourite of them  I decided make my own. This fried taro kuih is quite similar to savory teamed taro cake, the only difference is no solid taro added into the batter. So, it should be a smooth steamed kuih then fried till golden brown. This fried taro kuih is quite popular at southern part of Malaysia.

This is the mashed taro after cooked.

Ingredients :
600-700gm  taro, diced
250gm   rice flour
40gm   wheat starch (tung fun)
40gm  tapioca four
1.2 Litre   water
60gm   dried shrimp, soaked then pounded

Seasoning :
1 tspn  five spice powder
2 tspn   sugar
2 tspn   vegetable granules
1-1/4 tspn   salt (or to your taste)
1 tspn  pepper

*1/2 cup  tapioca flour for coating

Method :
(1) preheat frying pan or wok with 1-1/2 cup  cooking oil, add in taro then fried over high heat till brown. Remove cooked taro from wok.
(2) reduce half of the remaining cooking oil from wok, stir in pounded dried shrimp and saute over medium heat till fragrant.
(3) add in cooked taro & all the seasoning and mix well then add in one(1) cup water & let to boil over medium heat till taro turned soft.
(4) once its done, off the heat and mash the cooked taro, as picture shown above.
(5) in another big bowl, mix together rice flour, wheat starch, tapioca flour & water (1.2 Litre).
(6) now, stir the flour mixture into mashed taro and mix to combine.
(7) then cook the mixture till thicken over low heat. Stir gradually as it might stick to the bottom.
(8) once its ready, spread mixture to a 9" baking tray lined with aluminium foil then steam for 30 minutes or till set
(9) let the cake cool completely before slicing.

The cake turns out great not too soft nor too hard. Should be perfect for deep frying !

Finally, coat each slice of taro cake with thin layer of tapioca flour then fry till brown.

Here's another delicious treat for our friends of honour. Hope they will like it too ! I guess they have no choice cause its raining heavily over here  I don't think they can anything else. haha......


  1. I love taro kuih more than radish kuih...sadly, the quality taros are difficult to find over here. These must be very tasty.

  2. mouth is watering looking at these yam kuih Kristy. ಥ_ಥ looks like I need to make some soon! Thanks for sharing the recipe! ;)

  3. That fried taro looks very tasty , Kristy ! Luckily for us here , taro is almost always available so I need to make some after seeing yours :D

  4. This taro kuih looks so good mi dear friend! So different to what I am used to have here. I love to come to your blog and find these delightful things. Big hugs

  5. This looks wonderful! Loving the ingredients - even if some are hard to come by here (must go to specialty store). Happy December!


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