Jewish Potato Latkes 犹太民族的马铃薯饼

For the past two weeks, I hardly have time to prepare meal and yet still have to cook something nice for the kids and hubby who is still in the hospital. He is fine ! Just that the doctor won't allow him to discharge, unless his blood test shown malaria negative continuously 3 days in a roll. Hopefully, he'll be able to come home tonight to celebrate Father's Day !  During this moment, I really need something fast and simple to prepare. And immediately potato latkes floated up in my mind. OK, I'm going to work on that. Latkes is very popular in the European countries and Middle East as well. Latkes is actually potato pancakes and its the traditional Jewish food. It is usually eaten on traditional festive holidays, for example Hanukkah.

This is an easy bitsy simple dish and I pretty sure everyone will love it.

Ingredients :
5 large potatoes, thinly grated
salt & pepper to taste
1 tspn  vegetable granule
2 eggs, beaten
3 TB  all purpose flour

Method :
(1) combine all ingredients and mix well.
(2) preheat frying pan with 2 TB cooking oil, spread 2 TB potato mixture onto frying pan to form a disk like shape, once its ready.
(3) let the potato pancake cook over medium heat till golden brown then flip it over and continue cooking till brown as well.
(4) when done, sprinkle a pinch of salt before serving.

Add a little more cooking oil if you want them really brown.

Gosh, my kids fallen in love with these latkes immediately. So do I ! You may add in some sliced onion as your personal preference but I omitted it. I definitely will make another batch soon. >o< Yumm...Yummm...
Happy weekend and enjoy your day !
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