Malaysian Chicken Satay With Peanut Sauce 马来西亚鸡肉沙爹

Finally, hubby has discharged from hospital on last Sunday afternoon. He's able to celebrate Father's Day at home with all of us. It's such a blessing that he is well now. However, he still need to attend one whole year of monthly check up. Just to make sure that he's totally clear from malaria parasite. For the celebration, I made everyone's favourite .... the Malaysian satay. I actually prepared the meat two days ahead. The meat is much tastier when you've enough time to infuse the flavouring. If you're a carnivore, try using pork meat or beef which is highly recommended. >o<

I have to thank this site for sharing such beautiful recipe, especially the peanut sauce. Absolutely, stunning ! However, I have to go without the grill. I used the oven instead. So, here's what I did.

Ingredients for chicken satay :
500gm  deboned chicken meat
50 pieces bamboo skewer, soaked for an hour before used

Ingredients for blended paste :
5  shallots
4  garlic cloves
2cm  galangal/blue ginger
2 cm  ginger
2 cm  fresh turmeric
2 stalk lemongrass, thinly sliced
2  TB brown sugar
1 tspn  salt
1 TB  cooking oil
(Blend all ingredients into smooth paste)

**Toasted ingredients : 1 TB  cumin powder, 1 TB  fennel powder, 1-1/2 TB  coriander powder

Method :
(1) cut chicken meat into small chunks and set aside.
(2) mix together blended paste and toasted mixed spice till well cooperated.
(3) now, marinade chicken meat with blended paste mixture and keep refrigerated overnight.
(4) thread about 3 pieces of meat onto each bamboo skewers and its all ready to go for grilling.
(5) or bake at preheated oven 220'C till brown, baste & brush the meat with oil mixture once awhile and flip the meat on and off making sure the meat is totally cooked.

Ingredients for brushing oil mixture :
1  candlenut, finely pounded
1 TB  brown sugar
1 TB  hot water
2 TB cooking oil
1 lemongrass, for brushing with the head pounded
(combine all ingredients and mix well)

Ingredients for Satay Sauce :
250gm  toasted peanut, skinned & pound to rough powder form
1/2 cup brown sugar
1/2 cup  thick coconut milk
1/2 cup  cooking oil
salt to taste
30gm  asam jawa paste/tamarind, soaked in 1-1/2 cup boiling water

Ingredients for blended paste :
2   candlenuts, pounded
3   shallots
1   large onion
2   garlic
13 dried chilies, cut & soaked till soft
2cm  galangal, sliced
2   lemongrass, thinly sliced
20gm  dried shrimp, soaked
1/2 tspn  cumin powder, toasted
1/2 tspn  coriander powder, toasted
(blend all ingredients into smooth paste)

Method :
(1) preheat wok or sauce pan with 1 cup cooking oil, stir in blended paste and cook over medium heat till fragrant (takes about 15 minutes). Stir gradually.
(2) next, add in toasted ground peanut and continue cooking for another 5 minutes.
(3) strain asam juice and discharge the seeds.
(4) stir together asam juice, coconut milk, salt & sugar and continue cooking till mixture turns thick. Add in extra water if possible.
(5) finally, off the heat and set aside. However, its best to serve it hot with satay.

The meat doesn't look as glossy due to the usage of oven and also lack of chicken skin. However, it is as tasty ever !

Just how could you resist such serving !!!  Especially with the peanut sauce.
Hope you guys are having a fabulous week ahead. Enjoy & have fun !
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