Kuih Pulut Sekaya Terengganu 登嘉楼斯里咖椰娘惹糕点

Among all the kuih-muih of the East, kuih pulut sekaya is quite popular in Terengganu. It looks like seri muka. But unlike seri muka from the West which is smooth, pulut sekaya has rough surface and  the custard layer has to be puff up and collapse. Leaving the custard with plenty of tiny air bubbles and a wavy surface. And no doubt, this is the signature look of kuih pulut sekaya from the East coast of Malaysia.

The kuih turns out exactly what I wanted, packed full of tiny air bubbles and the surface absolutely gorgeous as described. And I BINGO it again !

Ingredients for top egg custard layer :
5 large eggs
200ml  thick coconut milk
100gm  palm sugar/jaggery sugar, chopped
2 TB  water
1 pandanus leaf
1 TB  all purpose flour/rice flour (for gluten-free)

Method :
(1) combine palm sugar, pandan leaf and water into a sauce pot and cook it over low till sugar dissolved completely.
(2) discharged the leaf, then beat in coconut milk & flour till everything well mixed.
(3) next, stir in eggs and whisk till everything well cooperated.
(4) finally, strain mixture.with a sieve and set a side.

And here's the preparation for the bottom layer rice.

Ingredients for bottom layer rice :
250gm   glutinous rice, soaked for 2 hours
100ml   thick coconut milk
100ml   water
1 TB   sugar
3/4 tspn   salt

Method  :
(1) drain glutinous rice then place it to a 7" tray lined with banana leaf. Do not add in water.
(2) steam over high heat for about 10 minutes then add in 1/2 of the coconut milk mixture and steam for another 10 minutes over high heat. Make sure the water lever of the steamer not drying up.
(3) now remove tray from steamer and add in the remaining coconut milk mixture.
(4) when done, flatten the hot rice with something flat or pressing gadget till rice nicely hold together.
(5) now, place the rice tray back to the steamer and pour in the egg mixture. Immediately, cover the lid and steam for 30 minutes over high heat. Make sure it is high heat so that the rice set quickly. This is to prevent the custard layer seep into rice layer.
(6) once its ready, remove tray from steamed and leave to cool completely before slicing it with a plastic cutter.

This is how exactly the cake looks like after steamed. Puff up and collapsed !

I love how the custard layer turns out as well, the tiny bubbles look exactly as required. And the texture is superb. Springy and kaya like aroma ! Hope you guys will have a fabulous week ahead. Have fun !
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