Teochew Chives Soon Kuih @ Rice Dumpling 潮州韭菜笋粿

I actually made two batches of these kuih on the same day. The first one was the crystal clear skin and this one which is commonly seen at most food court or market place. It is made of  rice flour and wheat starch mixture and the texture is softer compare to the crystal skin dumplings. The crystal skin is more chewy.

These are no store bought kuih but all homemade on the same day. It only took me one & a half hour to complete them. However, you still need to prepare the chive fillings an hour before used.

Ingredients for dough :
60gm   rice flour (粘米粉)
90gm   wheat starch (淀粉)
a pinch of salt
150ml  boiling water
60ml  water, at room temperature
1 TB  cooking oil
*extra cooking oil for coating

Chives Fillings  :  Kindly refer recipe here.
* 2 TB  toasted sesame seeds

Method :
(1) combine rice flour, wheat starch & salt into a big bowl then stir in boiling water to form glue like dough, with a wooden spoon.
(2) then add in the remain water & cooking oil and continue stirring till soft dough is formed.
(3) the dough will be hot by this minute, so carefully knead dough till smooth.
(4)  now, divide dough into about 30-40gm each and shape them into ball.
(5)  next, flatten it with rolling pin into oval shape between two greased plastic sheet.
(6)  place in chives filling and carefully sealed them up by folding in the shorter end together and press to stick.

(7) finally, brush dumpling with cooking oil (the best is using fried onion oil 蔥头油).

(8) and steam at preheated steamer for 12 minutes. Off the heat and remove kuih away from steamer immediately to cool.

You may sprinkle on toasted sesame seeds before serving. I have them ready to send over to my boy to enjoy with his school mates.

Still this is not exactly the skin that I'm looking for, though the thickness is perfect. I wanna try another recipe on my next trial. Still checking out. Hopefully, will be able to find something soon. Overall, I will give this 9/10. Hope you guys will love it too. Enjoy !


  1. wow this is my favourite kuih, can i "tabao" some and bring home :)

  2. Omg!! these looks soooo yummy!!Drooling!!

  3. Oh Kristy, if I could only make such lovely dumplings like yours, I'd be one happy blogger:) Delectable!

    Thank you so much for sharing...


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